: instead you get your game ruined by insane rng and demon/glacial comp abusers, no thanks
There's RNG, but it's not everything. And you can abuse those comps yourself too. As if Summoners Rift isn't RNG based... who gets the monkey player me or the other team?
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: For how long will TFT Ranked be down??
Gojkov (EUW)
: A lot. Been one of them last 1st of January [at midnight], took me the same amount of time to find a ranked match as it does any other day.
Interesting. I expected it to be completely dead.
: try " initiate full repair " in settings, upper right corner in client
Believe me, doesn't work. I tried everything possible. Riot told me they can't help me anymore LOL ! Don't waste your time and don't play ranked no more. I lost over 200 LP because of this.
: Cant see champions to pick/ban
Sorry to say it, but you are cursed with the champ select freeze bug. I have encountered this issue on a daily basis for over 7 months. Riot gave me a few solutions. None of them worked. Last week I got a message from Riot that they don't have any more solutions and they can't help me. This bug made me stop playing Ranked.
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TA Hathi (EUW)
: Does it still crash for you? I would really consider sending in a support ticket if it does, because obviously this isnt supposed to happen normally.
It still happens. Riot says they dont have any solutions for me anymore. So i'm saying goodbye to ranked
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: There is a weird bug with the new demacia icons
: TFT 2**/3**/lvl up in chat again
: How can you find tft fun?
I enjoy it a lot. Completely stopped playing summoners rift ranked since I found out about it, TBH. Finally, no more monkeys who ruin my game intentionally. No more people flaming me. It's all cool.
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: "Tft is not luck based" my ass
: I found a 0:53 second video where a player [goes back to champion select without dodging](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sg7gxBTxyyc&feature=youtu.be). And advice/information from other threads: _ "1. Update your DirectX (Never download anything DirectX related from anywhere except Microsoft). 2. Update your GPU drivers. (Outdated drivers can cause all sorts of weird errors). 3. Try an ethernet connection if applicable/possible. (It's possible something is interfering with your connection) 4. Do a clean reinstall through the Hextech Repair Tool, not just a regular OS uninstall."_ Ask Riot: The Client: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/04/ask-riot-the-client/ I hope some of this, is useful for you and others reading this post...
I tried that all too already. Sadly, it doesn't help.
: What are the seven solutions you tried but didn't work if you don't mind me asking? {{champion:78}}
Remove adblock, remove antivirus , remove discord/other apps. I deleted everything from my pc for League except for a few crucial stuff like microsoft Word that i need for school. Try different device / network ( tried on 4 different devices in different places, same issue) Force client repair, uninstall client,Hextech repair Disable ipv6 and switch to ipv4 Power down/unplug my modem Switch to public dns
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Pixelbits (EUW)
: How do I get hextech keys without buying them?
Lmao i have the opposite problem. I have 7 keys but i never get chests.
ZawardoJJ (EUW)
: Champion that you can hypercarry with? (1v5 the enemy team)
Master yi, garen, fizz, darius, nasus, irelia
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: suspended for "trolling" in bronze :D :D :D
If you die 14 times in a 16 minute ranked game, that is not having a bad match, that is hardcore trolling and he deserves the punishment.
: game does't lunch
Poor client, give him some mac'n'cheese at least you cruel monster
: Those games happen thanks to riots snowball meta. Riot even had to put in a surrender option at minute 15 thanks to that.
you think trolls in games like that ever say yes to surrender?
Irayun (EUW)
: 0/8 yasuo @ min 15, Good job boi!! I’ve never seen a 0/9 before min 15 so i think that guy is one of the best feeders of the whole community. Sad but true lol For real, insta demote this kind of players.
Couple of weeks ago I had a ranked game with 0/16/0 Taric at minute 16. I must be lucky.
: Yorick can carry this dw
Meh, Yor and me did fine eventually but there just was no way to win. 3 monkeys in your team and its ggwp
: 12 game loss streak normal games
Couple of weeks ago i had a 10 game losing streak in Ranked. Pretty awful. Then few days after, got a 12 ranked winning streak. The coincedence...
iaapvper (EUW)
: Do you also believe RIOT should be more strict and perma ban trolls and feeders?
i just had this ranked game screenshot at 15 minutes: https://i.imgur.com/iIn0mTX.png i'm velkoz btw LOVE THIS GAME
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CJXander (EUNE)
: Qyiana is not picked by anyone
I hate the name Qiyana. Sounds like your local th0tty from the bronx with long fake glitter nails and a nasty attitude who screams at you in the supermarket
: I just had a enemy teemo pulling a nubrac legit not knowing who nubrac is.
Play this game for 2 years and never heard of nubrac before.
: Over the several years my client crashed exactly twice, and 0 times in the past year at least. Since there is at least one player who's game works perfectly it is obvious, that you, and your friends computers are the problem. Maybe a glitch with windows update, but there is no possibility, that the client is the problem.
Google "champion select freeze" and you'll find many topics about this issue. Many many people experience errors at the moment with the client, disconnects, bugs. So let's say if 500 people experience it, but you don't , then it's not the client fault? Stop the bs please. You don't represent the entire playerbase.
: Buy new computer, and install it properly with legal windows.
I have a very new monster gaming pc with legal windows. This isn't my pc fault, I had this on 4 different devices(my own pc, laptop, school pc, internship pc) and my friends have the same issue on their gaming computers.
Atlas (EUNE)
: Most played video game ever made ladies and gentlemen.
Got this same error yesterday while my internet was fine lulz
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: At this point I think it would be best to contact riot support. Show them the video and tell them about the things you already tried. I'm sure they will be able to help you fix this: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
I did and they give me copypaste answer. I say them; i tried deleting antivirus and adblock and discord. Then they say; you should maybe try deleting antivirus adblock and discord 400 IQ
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: Afraid to play Ranked
After writing this post I won one match, lost one, and won one again. So it could be worse :) sadly lost a bunch of lp because my champ select froze twice and i got kicked out the lobby -,-
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: Then don't use his ulti Jokes aside though - I'm just gettin Vel Koz in ARAM nd I have the arclight skin - maybe it's a bug. Nonetheless I recommend you update your graphics card drivers
Everything is updated. I didn't have this problem yesterday I deleted & reinstalled client, hextech repair, my client is still going bonkers I can't play. tried it in aram, it's unplayable. its freezing all the time, in stats it shows everyone is level 1 with no items while we are 12 mins in game
TA Hathi (EUW)
: Vel'Koz disintegrated your internet connection by the looks of it. All jokes aside, the 1st one is a connection error, happens sometimes (I have no idea, just like many others dont know why) but you should be able to reconnect as soon as the "loading" has been done for everyone else. The second one? Looks like a corrupt file that got called upon and crashed the game. Your best bet would be to download the Hextech Repair Tool from the site and let it check all the files. Edit: i honest to god hope you pressed YES on the 2nd one, that would help a LOT to troubleshoot what the hell went wrong. But that means a ticket to support then, it defo isnt a user error but something that has to do with Vel'Koz interactions by the looks of when it happened.
my game crashed twice when I started doing velkoz ulti, so i guess thats a problem ;l
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skrenchy (EUNE)
: Can a S4 derank?
Of course you can demote. But you are shielded for a couple of losses and when you are close to demotion, a warning screen will pop up. Theres no way of saying the exact amount of games you can lose.
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