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xPokky (EUW)
: Autofill Suggestions - and holes to be fixed.
And then we would get 15 mins queue in bronze-gold since no1 wants to support there.
HotDamn (EUNE)
: "Disconnection" from game can lead to ban and leaverbuster
I'm sure your team actually wants to forbid you after you lost them LP. If you are getting 20min you are a leaver. I ragequited twice yesterday yet no low priority xd
ThePikol (EUNE)
: What to do when jungler only ganks your lane when you are not there?
Don't fight if blitz's ult is on CD. If your jung gets double with support that's free gold for your team, and if instead of crying you went drake you would've gotten free drake too since you're full hp/mana and if enemy jungler comes it's a 3vs1.
: here is proof taking turrets wins games over kills
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F1 Rammus (EUW)
: Can you buff god damn Kalista?
So we go back to ban-her-or-camp-bot-24/7 thing? No thanks.
: Leaving in ranked, lose more LP
Teammates lose 75% and he loses 200%. That would make things way more fair :D


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