: LF ADC for DUO Q Botlane. (Need Clever ADC, aiming high...)
Hey I'm interested if you don't mid playing with me. I'm Silver 4, main ADC, and I'm on pretty much everyday. Add me if you want to play together IGN: xtorturez :)
Jonxx (EUNE)
: Ah and remember that making other team not getting anything just won't do. Why would they lose their time because someone left? And I repeat. It's not too harsh. It only persons problem if he leave a **ranked** knowing (or being too stupid to check his ping in cmd). Again, why would **anyone** in the team with afk lose anything? That's just not fair for them.
What you are trying to say is true but in my opinion, winning a ranked game in a 5v4 situation does not require a reward because while you may play skillfully and probably could've won the game in a 5v5 situation, you still had a huge advantage in team fights where the missing person could cause the team to lose in them. Of course in the system I'm suggesting, you would not lose LP in the enemy team beats you in a 4v5 situation either although I think they should having demonstrated a clear indication of skill to beat the enemies with one player permanently down. But I don't think every player would see that as a fair system.
Jonxx (EUNE)
: I agree with most you've said except that the loss is too high. You have to keep in mind that if someone leaves the game then why would everyone else in the team suffer? Isn't the single player who leaves the only one to blame? It's his fault for playing if he wasn't sure he can finish the game. If he had internet problems and still started the game. If his mom called him for a dinner it's **only his fault** for starting the game. And about the penalty It would highly depend on how much other people would lose. 50-60 would be pretty valid because you have to count that if you usually lose 10~ and there are 5 players then it's gonna always be that 50~ lp It's not perfect system, it needs a lot of fixes, a lot of thinking but as a prototype it shouldn't be bad.
I'm starting to see your point because I have noticed that you tend to lose around 10-20 LP per loss so I too now agree that the AFK should lose around that amount of LP. And yes as a prototype, I think system could work, factoring in the changes Riot makes to ensure that the system is fair in their eyes. But all this remains an idea until the developers actually adopt this idea and develop a system out of it, which I don't think would happen any time soon until they see enough player support for an idea like this.
Caar (EUNE)
: Riot should do something with AFK players. Or player will go from LoL to another game ;)
You say that but from a game developers point of view, what can they do to people who AFK for the first time or AFK's at all. I highly doubt they are going to message the player to ask whether the player AFK'd for a valid reason and then decide on the punishment they get for the AFK because that's both a waste of time and effort. Furthermore, even if they permanently ban a player, there's is nothing to stop the said player from creating a new account and repeating these actions. But I do agree on the point that players who are frustrated at AFK's will move on to play a different game.
Equality (EUNE)
: I belive that the simple way to adjust this system is to halve the points you lose, lets say you lose 20 per game, if you have an afk, you lose 10 lp that game, simple as that. Aldo I dont like this at all, I belive the games with afk people are quite rare and not that big of a problem itself, you win some, you lose some, all the same...
I can see the point you're trying to make however I am quite low down the ladder being in Silver and as someone who climbed from Bronze to Silver I can assure you that at these elo's the number of AFK cases are quite high where 50% of your games have an AFK in it. I have been in a ranked game where there were 2 AFK'd initially and a 3rd person AFK'd knowing very well the game was lost. So the point im trying to make is while there may not be that many cases in whichever division you are in, lower down there are a high number of cases. Also if you think about the fact that new players are more likely to end up in divisions like Bronze maybe Silver, the AFK's in ranked are more likely to persuade them to stop playing the game because losing continuously is not fun at all. And if most of your losses are due to AFK's, I know I would quit the game and find another game that would be more enjoyable. I also like the system you suggested where you only lose the LP amount but do you not think that its unfair to lose any at all because a player, whatever the causes, decided to AFK?
Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=x Torturez,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=udoXZwYg,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-02-12T14:24:08.819+0000) > > Yes I do mean Loss Prevented regardless of a win or a loss although I would like to gain LP for a game where I would win a game with a disadvantage however that I feel would not be seen as fair therefore I am prepared to gain 0 LP from a win. Yeah, that in essence is the only way to resolve it fairly, but it doesn't stop AFKs from crippling games. The whole frustration with these 'solutions' is that they only help ease the symptoms, they don't stop the problem of AFKs.
That's a problem in its own and I doubt there's ever going to be a system where they can fully fix AFK's from appearing in ranked as sometimes the reason why a player will have to go AFK is out of their own hand and I say this because there have been situations where I had to AFK from a ranked game due to issues which I could not control. Therefore I think this system would help a lot because its a lot easier in a ranked game to know that the outcome of the match whether its a win or loss wont affect your position in the ladder because of an AFK compared to desperately trying to win a 4v5 where your desperation might cause you to make easy mistakes leading to a more crushing loss. Of course there are many counterarguments to this system, but every system including the ones in place currently have some sort of a downfall.
Jonxx (EUNE)
: I agree with you. And onto the topic, there have been many ideas about this problem. One I like most is so the guy who leaves lose all the lp the team would lose. So everyone loses 0 lp and the guy who leaves loses for example 50-60 lp at very least. Of course it might be hard to make a good script for it because you'd have to take into account that some people lose more or less lp than you because of different mmr. But yeah, I didn't see any better idea than this. Oh and main counterargument to this is that it might be abused, for example team kinda forces one player to leave because they're losing hard. But that'd be player fault if he's so weak he gives in to others insults and he leaves right?
While I like the idea you suggested first, I feel a 50-60 LP loss for an AFK in ranked game is way too harsh unless you're suggesting that the high LP loss is only for someone who repeatedly leaves a ranked game because as PeterPaper said above, there are many reasons which may cause a player to AFK from a ranked game. Also I can kind of agree with the counterargument in which it can be abused however I highly doubt Riot would over look something like that if they do implement the system I suggested and therefore might adjust the system where the AFK would lose LP in which case I doubt anyone would be prepared to AFK to lose a large amount of LP while the 4 other people in his/her team gets a Loss Prevented. Of course my arguments stem from my personal views and opinions where I would not be prepared to preserve other peoples LP when they may equally be responsible for the loss which the game might be leading to.
Karmoon (EUW)
: It's fair provided you're prepared to not GAIN any LP when you win because of an AFK. Because if it just works one way, you kind of get LP inflation and it doesn't work. So be prepared to win matches and gain no LP too :) In essence, I agree with you though.
Yes I do mean Loss Prevented regardless of a win or a loss although I would like to gain LP for a game where I would win a game with a disadvantage however that I feel would not be seen as fair therefore I am prepared to gain 0 LP from a win.
: Tooo hursh. There are multiple reasons to go afk any any sort of game. I would apply this on a guy who trolls or go afk on purpose cause he lost a lane. But There are a PC problems. Connection problems. Or even personal problems to consider which can come up unexpected. You can loose conection cause of black out or storm which doesnt have to be in your town. ( about the pc problems yesterday I was forced to leave ranked game not on purpose but cause my stupid system decided its time to install all the updates without any notice and it just shut down and took me 15 mins to update everything) and personal problems can be emergency call from work. Or any other sort of problems. And I can guarantee you that even those randoms who go afk in your game on purpose wont do it in the second round. I know you feel like you are getting those every second game but tbh loosing a game cause of feeder or as some of you would call it guy with one bad game(even tho he had similar kind of games in his game history for the last 15 games but call it w/e you want) is more likely then loose a game to a random afk guy.
I think you misunderstood what I meant by this. i don't mean the person who AFK's should lose LP and the rest of the team gains or loses none, I meant the entire team regardless of whether you win or you lose because as you mentioned there are multiple reasons why someone might have to go AFK. That is fully understandable however I feel its unfair that the players who remained to play the game have to lose LP when they were at a clear disadvantage.
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