: Autofilled supports and their useless picks (my god this is so tilting as an adc main)
But u know what is even more tilting? If u are support main and get a adc whos skilllevel is way below urs in 9/10 cases. And the funny thing is they dont even autofill. 🤷‍♂️
Jery77 (EUW)
: Removing or reworking Yasuo?
The Thing about yasuo is, that he is not to strong, but you need 2 or more ppl to kill him. Hes like Fiora, u cant one vs one them, but they are weak, if it comes to fighting more champs at once (vs them alone) . The Problem that i see is, that if u do not depoly another teammate at what ever lane hes playong, hes very likely to win. And due to that fact i think hes unbalanced in solo q.
PathoEsP (EUW)
: there are more op champs than zed. And when he has 30 s cd ult is when the adc can gets a lot of heals and shields from supps
are ypu talking about the completly nerfed heal and ahield supports? because i can tell u that a support cant shield 2k dmg. just saying. zed, but mostly otber assasines, are able go completly ignore that 200 shield.
Aka1i (EUW)
: A few suggestions to nerf Akali
take her w duration down to 2 s and shens fine, or give abilities like lulu e or pinkwards the possibility to Make them visible/targetable.alternative Make her get timer to get invisible up to 2 s after sehe took dmg. then shens fine.
: Same. I recently climbed into S4 and lost all 4 games in that division already. I know I'm not playing perfectly, mut I've had positive KDA in all of my games (even worst score being 2/5/13). At least I know I'm not the one who's causing this loss. I've been playing Nami 'cause she seems to have the highest winrate as support right now, and I'm good with her. Previous seasons I did this with Taric, but when half of your carries are autofilled and enemy supports heavy on poke, Taric is bad pick 'cause you'll lose the lane before the game even begins. If I manage to win my lane, it's always some other lane that loses, like this one game I had top going 0/7/2 and giving ez kills on both top and jungler (not inting, just playing badly). Seems the afk and lagger is already in my team, I'm not kidding.
as support Main i rlly feel u bro. the wirst feeling is, if u Lose the game with ur teammates beeing All 5/10 and u are 4/1/20 with 80% kill Participation and 25 Stacks on meajas.... but hey riot saß matchmaking is Balanced :D .{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} dont let it get u
NeptuneXI (EUNE)
: ***
funny, but at least 2 of his spells are point and click. and more than enough to kill an adc or a Not Tank support. Brand does support in no way. He only Deals dmg.
: Nerf 4 support comps please.
lol it is that Kind of players, that Ruin the game for soloque supports. because ppl like you are shouting: nerf supports. Look at the classic >support< champions. none of them Has a good winrate. what u wanted to say is: nerf Champions that can 1 v 5 in a 5v5 game : :)
: Support nerfs
I dont get, why u should Nerf shield supports, when there are assasins, capable of oneshotting every thing. And I think u already need to decide carefully what u want to shield (it will be to weak anyways). The only thing is if u really mess up the placement of ur shield, the character still will benefit. But thats why u are rlly squishy and have massive cooldowns (for example: janna) on low Levels. Also u have to get money to be able to purchase cdr, like every other champ needs money to buy items.
: Assassins could use a buff
As Support Main i can just laugh about this.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Nope we just have to make them usefull again which is hard when everyone else get huge damage buffs.
Totally right. Riot buffs ad assasins and AP mages over and over again, but leaves adcs and supports like they are. And if i could oneshot 2 ppl at botlane After 5 mins i would do the Same, but i this perma bot Camp has to come to an end. U failed with this season big changes, So pls riot fix what u massivly failed.
: Yasuo and Zed
idk like what should i do? Where is the counterplay if i get 1600 dmg in one hit, while i have 1600 health.... tell me that...
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