Lady (EUNE)
: You'll get 60 fps maxed out for sure. amd apu's are pretty damn good for gaming if you ask me. For reference, an i5-3250m with integrated graphics gets a steady 40 fps maxed out (shadows on medium).
cant go wrong for £150 then
Smol Roll (EUW)
: Looks like a laptop I owned before I got my pc if its just a standard laptop from any retailer it should work, heck I even got to run Tera on my old craptop at 20fps but still, so it can run league tho you'll want it on the lowest settings to get best fps (pretty graphics aren't that important for league anyway) (>^.^)> {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Will it be better than my Macbook Air? I play league on that on the normal settings and it runs smooth?
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