: Mana management is part of game mode. It's not left to rng. There are items and perks that give you more mana or decrease enemy mana. Items have a lot of rng and i agree it's should be changed so everyone gets same number of items.
"Mana management is part of game mode. It's not left to rng." So Kassadin who costs 1 single gold and steals mana is my fault?
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: And here we go again
INB4 Riot lock this thread because it offends them.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > [{quoted}](name=xHaz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Kywlk1Hj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-27T17:38:39.280+0000) > > Are you actually going to read the paragraph, I said Draft Games not ranked. Clearly you're one of these intellectuals I have to play games with. that's even worse, you're saying you wanna practice champions etc etc and you're complaning that you get low elo players? wtf? it's a normal game why even complain ?
Its like arguing against a brick wall with you, holy moly. I'm referring to my last game on my OP.GG, where I was the only person who was a higher rank in the designated position. My jungler was not ranked and not even level 30, against a gold Jungler, my top was bronze against a gold. Please don't just jump in with win rates and just shooting blanks, Thank you.
: > [{quoted}](name=xHaz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Kywlk1Hj,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-27T16:46:33.161+0000) > > Currently sat in Gold IV and attempting to climb, however enjoy the occasional draft to relax and learn/practise Champions. However why am I being placed on a team with Multiple Iron ranked players and Non-ranked players against a 5 man of Gold players. I have nothing against people in lower ranks as we all started there, however the game was a guaranteed loss from the beginning; genuinely have never felt so much desire to just leave the game and grind through the leaver busters instead of being mentally broken by this games unholy MM system. Surprise we lost the game. > > Can someone please explain why this happens. https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=xHaz this is your OP.GG you have a 39% Win ratio. that's why
Are you actually going to read the paragraph, I said Draft Games not ranked. Clearly you're one of these intellectuals I have to play games with. > "however enjoy the occasional draft to relax and learn/practise Champions"
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: My opinion on the message? Someone is either really dumb or just wanted to troll. Noone would write a serious criticism with such a stupid ending, it makes the whole post pointless, takes any credibility out of it and immediately make the reader oppose the writer. If we consider this a troll post we can just laugh about it if we think it's funny, take it and throw it into the trash bin. If we consider this serious... Yeah okay it's hard but let's try. So this individual tries to make the point that someone needs a certain ELO to be able to know what is good for the game. If we agree on that we can immediately delete your last sentence about nerfing Akali, Irelia, Viktor because you are only Plat so you definitely don't have a good enough knowledge of the game to make any decisions. I doubt tho that you will agree on that. What really makes it hard tho is the fact the he pretends to have a valid point but immediately afterwards he talks about this Rioter being fat as negative towards the fact that he makes game changing decisions. I have no idea how RiotFearless looks so I can't make any comment if the claim is justified or not BUT IF this person wants to make the point that you need to have game knowledge to be on the balancing team, why is he making this idiotic comment. Being fat or not has nothing to do with game knowledge so he undermines his own statement with this. In the end you even say they should grind 10-12 hours a day so probably fatties might even have better game knowledge.^^
You are only Plat, you don't have enough knowledge of the game, Also in Plat. Good Job Buddy.
Peαnut (EUW)
: The best coach in the world, Kkoma, was bronze/silver when he first started to coach SKT to win worlds. He is currently sitting at korean p1/d5 still coaching a 3 time worlds winning team. Rank has nothing to do with knowledge to start it off. Secondly, the balance team consists of lots of people in every single elo, there are silver people on the balance team and there are masters and I believe challengers in the balance team. That's why it's called BALANCE. A challenger player isn't going to think like a silver player would thus balance mistakes in lower elo would be more common without said silver players. If we listened to Hashinshin, only his champions will be strong and everyone else would be nerfed to the ground. The biggest thing that the balance team has right now is a neutral perspective in all elos. NEUTRAL being the keyword.
This isn't even my opinion, its just something I saw, stop taking it to heart.
: * The official rules don't say that you MUST call your lane in blind pick * Single reports or multiple have the same effect, more is not a harsher punishment. * Construcive feedback such as **Please be carefull next time and stop dying please** is not negative * This is a teamwork based game and not some solo adventure
The official rules don't say that you MUST call your lane in blind pick - Cozy Christmas 2K18
: My assumption would be his previous experience in the games industry. And as far as I'm aware, his work is more focused on overarching things than the nitty-gritty, day to day balancing.
Even if he doesn't touch the gameplay side of things, he still even doing his job properly, the Banning system is still absolute Kappa.
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Earrl (EUW)
: For me, ive playing adc for a month now (was toplane player before) and actually, even though I am now maining this roll, the whole role needs a straight up nerf. Whether its an crit adc or like something like draven every adc is able to 1v1 at least 1 fed assassin even if theyre 0/3. This is just insane and definitely needs to be nerfed. I would like to see riot actually banning people. Once me and 3 of my friends (so everyone except for 1 guy) reported that one other guy for raging and going afk. Nothing happened. Its just so frustrating that this guy is allowed to keep playing and my bro got banned for saying things like noob and stuff. xD
My exact reason why, Ive seen endless trolls/feeder in games; god even win trading at Low Platinum Elo. Nothing. Happened. My friend says "Noob, stop feeding the team you Sh*t" Boom, 14 day ban and chat restriction.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: It is a stat that has been lowered. She will mvoe around the map slower and at times can't close certain gaps anymore (gets into Q range less easiely) You consider it a buff? :o
But all will change is the build path, she may now build PD or now run Predator runes. Also ezreal seems to be moving up the ADC tiers at the rate of knots since his rework, and now they buff it again?
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Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: Late reply but, im here. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ "You're clearly someone who's a "Meta Slave" and only plays what Pros pick" I main azir and jayce. It is what pros pick, but it is sad seeing them nerfed to oblivion and being unable to be utilized in solo queue. I dont do it because of the pros, i do it because I ENJOY THE DAMN GAME. if i wanted to climb, id pick brand and velkoz and get to plat within a week. Do you see me do so? No. No need to get arrogant. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ "stop being so ignorant about how bad this game is getting." Last i checked i never praised the game or its creators, not here at least. And i agree that this season is the worst season in the game's history gameplay-wise. I just gave you some advice based on what i believe to work best. I dont work at riot, dont take your rage out on me. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ "So lets take Riven; Her build gives her 40 CDR correct? Her E is a 300-400 Shield on a 5 second cooldown, stop being so ignorant" Last i checked riven was always like this. You know how to counter her? Early game. Every champ has weaknesses and strong aspects. Riven's weakness is her early game, where she has high cooldowns. Counter it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lastly, please tell me what champions you main. I bet you 10 bucks i can find their strong aspects, weaknesses, how to counter them and how to play them effectively. I'll wait.
Illaoi, Katarina and Twitch.
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: No. Every champ is unique and every champ is OP in a certain way. Instead of complaining about other OP champions, start realizing the strong aspects of your champions and the weaknesses of enemy champions and use them to your advantage. If you don't think your champion pool is "op enough", move on, change your role and change your main champions.
So lets take Riven; Her build gives her 40 CDR correct? Her E is a 300-400 Shield on a 5 second cooldown, stop being so ignorant about how bad this game is getting. You're clearly someone who's a "Meta Slave" and only plays what Pros pick, there no fun anymore, its never just a game. Every champ just gets buffed and buffed, Ohhh Camille counters pretty much all top laners so what did they do, they buffed most top laners which now means a 4/0 garen is a GG. I cant wait for late game where a 45% CDR Ezreal who got buffed in 8.11 to just spam his 600 dmg Q on a 3 second cooldown.
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