Zanador (EUNE)
: Do you make a comprehensive analysis of each player's multiple recent replays before you state this as "truth" to them? Or do you just confuse skill with performance like too many people do? Even Faker was absolutely demolished in his last match in the tournament, but i'd like to see you say that it's the objective truth that he is bad. So yeah, if you just met someone for one game and you say this, then it's not objective and might not be the truth either. After all, if he was matched with you, then his overall skill level should be somewhere around yours. Or are you objectively bad too?
It's the objective truth that he performed badly. And no. His skill level wouldn't be similar to mine. If you actually spent your time reading a few more threads on here, many people are aware of Riot's shitty matchmaking. So. Oop-
Zanador (EUNE)
: And old argument, but it gets thrown out of the window by basic economics. League does have a lot of players, but there will always be more potential players who do not yet play it or already left. And if you check anywhere about it, the first and most common comment will be that they don't play because the community is toxic. If Riot could permanently get rid of every flamer, troll and intentional feeder and wash the mark of toxicity off their brand, then they would do so instantly, even if they had to ban 30 million players, because they could drown in the money the new players would bring them. The big greedy corporations are consistently greedy.
Ok and what about the bugs? They care so much about their game that they can't fix their shit but they can shove a new True Damage skin set down your throat?
: if they did they'd be selling accounts themselves. instead of banning people who buy/sell them >Stop lying to yourself man.
Ah yes, sell the accounts which is against their terms of service. I see your point.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Sorry, but you are wrong. You are absolutely free to tell the truth. You just can't flame while doing so.
You are bad at the game, it's harsh but it's also objective truth. Now what?
: I argue that you should focus on game insted of writing a book in chat. Iron that you can't even understand what you read. "Enjoy" your day.
: >The only thing flaming trolls does is relieves your anger and lets you calm down and focus on your game. it also validates the trolls behaviour who are thus compelled to do it again next game trolls troll to get a reaction out of people. by flaming them you give them exactly what they want and setting yourself up for a punishment from riot on top of it. not to mention the fact that instead of being focused on the game, the rest of your team and even your enemy is now focused on the two assholes having a go at each other via keyboard warrior antics maybe it's just me but twitter type drama rama is not what i wanted from a moba when i decided to play it >I would also like to note that flame does not mean literal fire. You are not adding anything to the fire. If anything, I'm cooling off from the rage that they've induced. your argument only works if your flame managed to stop the other person's flaming.(which never happens) just because it helped you cool off, that doesn't mean that everyone else who didn'want to be a part of it in the first place is now happy with your fanning of the flames and it's results
: >You can mute chat. You can ignore them. You can mute chat. Again, you can mute chat. And how that stops them from writing a book insted of playing a game? I don't care if they use are toxic. I don't care being called name. I only care about them playing a game insted of writing. Perma chat bans didn't worked cause those snow flakes without ability to flame started inting. So go f** yourself with your stupid argument "yOu cAn mUtE cHaT."
So a flamer is arguing that flamers should be banned? Right on, Irony. Enjoy your day.
Zanador (EUNE)
: That idea has been brought up too but it has a bit too many flaws: For example in the west we usually play on our own PCs, but in every eastern server players most commonly play in net cafes or other similar places. So if the computers were to be banned, then flamers could ruin the netcafé's access to the game, potentially alienating a lot of costumers. And you might want to ask an expert on this, but i've heard that banning a hardware is not without it's loophole either. Even linking phones or IDs wouldn't work either for multiple reasons. Again, in Korea people do have to link their social security number to accounts for any online game, but there is just a massive black market for those so nothing changes. On the other end the USA simply does not have ID cards or any similar systems, so Riot couldn't even do this in their home.
Because RIOT want money. Stop lying to yourself man.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Neither. Nor am i wrong. Flamers are just a bit too sensitive and emotional.
Flamers are the sensitive ones yet they're the ones being banned because people couldn't handle the truth? Am I right or am I right?
Zanador (EUNE)
: Ok, let's simplify this: permanent chat restrictions = more trolls and feeders. If that's what you wish for, then there is not much point to this conversation. But you are right, people play worse when they are tilted. That's exactly why flamers get banned, because they tilt people. You will have to find a healthier way to deal with your frustration.
Hahahaha. Good one.
Zanador (EUNE)
: This has been tested with multiple different methods. Quite a while ago we had a system which gave players insane amount of chat restrictions, depending on the severity of their toxicity. You can still google cases of 7-9000 match long chat restrictions. Separately from this Riot tried to give players permanent chat bans, and there were even players who asked Riot to put a chat ban onto them because they knew they flamed often and it ruined their chances to win so in theory this should solve their problem. The result in all of these attempts were the same: once people couldn't flame back to a troll or feeder, 90-95% of them decided to start trolling or feeding too. So Riot drew the conclusion: permanent chat restriction will eventually negatively affect the experience of everyone by increasing the amount of trolls and feeders. And so, they ran a few smaller scale experiments with it since then, but last time i've heard they have no plans to ever implement this kind of system.
I mean, you say that like it's a better option to let them flame AND troll. You know what else is true? People play worse when they're tilted. So regardless of your data or social experiments, the people left in the dark by Riot are left suffering silently.
: Absolutely agree with you. You are getting downvoted because too many people are snowflakes in 2019. TBH I think Riot does this because it's easy to detect and they get money when you buy XP boost on new acc. There used to be less toxicity in old days of League. I think the new gameplay and Riot enforcing giving up has way more influence on people being toxic than anything.
Exactly. They are too lazy to put in just a bit of extra time to ACTUALLY review gameplay and determine whether someone is ruining your experience in other non-mutable ways of bullshit: for example, inting.
: Turn Your chat off mate. Hi, stop %%%%%ing around people, play one game a day if ure going solo and winstreaks will just be longer... Use wards, follow and use pings, look at the minimap. Have a wonderful week ahead. Btw, think again before blaming others.
Hi, I recently read a book. It's called "That's Not How This Works". I'm going to tell you the same thing. That's not how this works. If I'm going to be provoked and induced into anger which not only affects the "victim" but my mental health which, to be honest, is literally ignorant that Riot ignore such a problem at a point in time where mental health is gaining more awareness by the second. By the way, think again before wrongly telling someone to stop rightly blaming someone else.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Because muting is useless. A flamer will not be able to tilt me, but he will probably tilt my teammates who in turn might give up or stop playing to flame back. If i mute someone i need him to be unable to communicate with the rest of my team so they won't get tilted. Since trolls could very easily abuse a system like that, we are stuck with the one we have now.
Ok and what does banning serve as a purpose? Why not just serve a permanent chat restriction if you can't be trusted to use chat appropriately rather than taking your account away since that doesn't really solve chat abuse? What? You banned them so they can make a new account with no chat restriction and carry on talking the same way? I never flame until provoked and that's fact. Yet I always get banned and they never do.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: The mutes were put there to for example help people deal with occasional a-holes until they actually get punished. It's not meant as a permanent way of filtering every single player you slightly dislike. Flamers, along with their flamed trolls, griefers, intentional feeders etc. all belong in the toxic group that don't have a place in social communities and/or environments. The trolls and others get punished as well, don't worry about that part. The only thing flaming trolls do is create more toxicity which only helps it spread further through the community in various ways. Only by choosing to step away from such things will people eventually see less flamers, trolls, and so on. Your own solution is literally just adding more firewood to the fire when you want it to go out.
A toxic community doesn't end well for anyone. A friend put it this way for me once: avocados have cyanide in them. Cyanide is very toxic. However, the small concentration from the avocado pit is not going to harm anyone. Alternatively, if you take a lot of these pits and put all the cyanide together, it becomes more concentrated and is lethal. The only thing flaming trolls does is relieves your anger and lets you calm down and focus on your game. I would also like to note that flame does not mean literal fire. You are not adding anything to the fire. If anything, I'm cooling off from the rage that they've induced.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Often after your first sentence of flame the damage is already done and that tilts your teammate which reduces the chances of winning for the rest of your team. Also often trollers are born after you flame them for making a misplay (which you thought was troll, but we all make in game mistakes) So I wouldn't put flaming below trolling, it's just the other side of the same coin
Not really. If I'm being target inted because I got assigned a lane that someone else wanted but I refuse to give it to them because it's the one I enjoy and they decide to run it down my lane or AFK my lane as jungle and let me lose. How is that my fault exactly? Why should I be pressured into surrendering something?
: There's not really a reason to only punish one and not the other. Both works well for me
Yes, well it doesn't make sense.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: Someone could ask why flame when you can mute those provoking you? Someone not meeting your playing standards? This sounds like a proper Grandmaster. Level 18.
Why flame when you can mute those provoking you? Did you just fail to read my post or? How can you mute a feeder? How can you mute an inter? How can you mute a troll? Please, elaborate.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: You can also simply not flame. The source of the problem isn't always the flamed players. For example, someone simply playing bad doesn't justify any kind of punishment. Said players should instead be encouraged to try their best regardless.
But why can't I flame? Why were mutes put there if it doesn't matter who mutes you or not and you're just going to get banned for getting trolled anyways? Flaming is a big part of every game but inting and feeding is not a big part of every game. That's what matters. Change my mind.
: Just do what I do now. Be unkind. 8-months worth of going to 3/3 0 and then get banned again losing it all? Nah, screw this game. Someone tilts? Throw it. Move on. Someone disses you? Throw it. Move on. Someone AFK? Throw it. Move on. Mr. Nice is dead. LoL fcks the good guys all the time, so just be like everyone else. Simple.
It's kinda sad that I agree with this, honestly. You always get %%%%ed over for trying to remain at your best. Something needs to change and it's not the amount of skins you can spend money on :)
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