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: Adc strong?????Where.Last time with cait almost full build i did no dmg to a shaco with 0 armor. Ye op adc LOL. I was {{champion:75}} against {{champion:67}} op.Ofc couldnt do mutch.I roam i go bot because enemy {{champion:51}} gets free kills.After a bit I get {{item:3047}} +{{item:3800}} against {{champion:51}} with {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3006}} .She was doing 0 dmg to me.What was worst she was doing no dmg to {{champion:103}} with 0 armor xDD. Same another game i play {{champion:119}} hard win bot.Getting first tower plates kills.I get {{item:3072}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3094}} .I go to top {{champion:24}} he got few kills too but he was 0 armor.{{item:3111}} {{item:3161}} {{item:3078}} . The guy could 1 shot me and atack like crazy with q and cant scratch it.Yes he have his ult for armor but thats it. Adc op?????You guys probably never played adc in your life.Adc is still useless.No team no win.Thats how adc works now.No matter how many changes crit gets. Crit dont benefit mutch adc anymore for some reason.Maybe because too many bruisers..shitty items like {{item:3053}} etc..The only 2 champs that are op right now.{{champion:157}} {{champion:23}} .They benefit more from this changes then adc.
u can stop jax's jump with your E , so if u re not an adc main , don't talk about like you're the advocat . + i retain what i have said in this post , because they nerfed conqueror too mch and basically full ad tryndmere is no longer a thing now
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: wait wait wait what? Phantom dancer has ridicelously good synergy with tryndamere. Add steraks, and maw, and you get a guy who is just permanently shielded. Same with yas or hell, even ad sion xd
as far as i know, none of high elo players are using PD , wether it is on tryndmere or yasuo
: There are maybe 2 dedicated melee crit champs in the game at the moment, those being Tryndamere and Yasuo (excluding Yi because he's focused heavily on on-hit builds as of late). They need to balance items for the majority, rather than for just two niche cases. Yasuo might have to get nerfed again actually. They lowered the damage penalty he receives on crits because IE no longer gave increased crit damage, but now that's back it'll likely cause him to spike in power again. Also, he's not going to suffer from the itemisation issues you've mentioned, seeing as he still has the 2 item spike he always has, and kiting a Yasuo is already a nightmare. Now, Tryndamere is a more complex case, due to him being a ball of stats and as such a stat check. His kit is literally just numbers with invulnerability thrown on top. If he actually begins struggling with the current items, it might actually prompt Riot into putting him in for a VGU or at least larger scale changes. As for adding items just for melee crit users, that is highly unlikely to happen. Adding super niche items that maybe 2-3 champions will use would completely screw with the balancing of those champions, and would likely do more harm than good.
thank you for your kind reply , i just posted out because of how weak tryndamere became and made games with no assasins a must dodge , whatever not like riot will do anything about it anyways have a nice day/night dude
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