: Beware of getting in the L(agging)obby again, buddy. Keep in touch.
Finished that game and in another game now.
: [GAMEPLAY] Stuck in Champion pick!
: Does it work to you? We can't start all over again, the game just doesn't allow us to
Yeah I'm loading in now
: [GAMEPLAY] Stuck in Champion pick!
This happened to me, I ended up leaving after about 7mins (other people had previously left) and now I'm in a new lobby. It seems to be going smoothly.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Send a support ticket: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en Probably only them can help you in any way.
Ok I'll send a ticket. Thanks for the link
Catchdown (EUW)
: Should not be possible. Maybe someone else played on it?
Nah I'd never allow that.
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: I doubt the "hassle" is the reason why they are not doing it. I guess security is the reason (providing those number helps people who want to attack Riot when they have the best chances or the highest impact). If you want to know the reason for long queue times or calculate a rough estimate for queue times, you can do that yourself. During peak hours there are roughly 7,5 milllion people online. Break that number down on the different servers. Take that number and divide it by the number of skill regions (probably about 50-100 elo each). Take that number and calculate how many of the active players are looking for a match right now (i.e. not ingame). Within that population you have to find enough players who have the correct lanes selected to form a team. Additionally you need to find two teams who have the same premade constellation. If you consider all these numbers you quickly come to numbers where 10 minutes waiting time make sense, especially if you play a popular role. I hope this explanation helps you.
It does, thanks. However it would still be nice to just see the number of people in ranked, normals etc. It doesn't mean much in the greater scheme of things but other multiplayer games have it.
: I doubt Riot will ever do that. A feature like that never existed, it was never announced, never planned, never even mentioned ---> most likely never going to happen.
It wouldn't even be much of a hassle. Would be nice to know how many players are online and why it takes nearly 10mins to find a game in Gold4 elo lol
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