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: Meet The Fans: Kraków
rofl "sick pentakill" :D
: >there's no system for banning trolls. Too bad that there actually is :) so please, go do whatever you want.
: ***
Ahri is still a good pick if you're good enough with her. She is still deadly if you get good CS or some kills, and it's hard to cc a good Ahri thanks to her ult.
: pretty sure you can qss/zhonyas his ult, and q isnt that strong so it cant win a fight by itself, it is strong, but not like blitz's. But as i said, my comment was biased and i really wanted to see what people think about Nautilus.
You can't QSS his ult. That's why he is so good against basically every1 except mages with Zhonya's..
: Cant create acc on JAP server?
For few weeks ago I tried the same thing, it's impossible..
Jakerr (EUW)
: Silver level ADC looking for serious ranked team.
I do like your thoughts and dedication, but you're still s3 and "serious" was mby a little much..
cúsoon (EUW)
: Extremity Is looking for a new support
Age: 12 Current season: Lvl 29 From: Sweden Champ pool: {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} Why I want to join: I want to get challenger pretty fast when I get lvl 30..
: Champion Concept: Yako, the cyber soldier
Damn you must been really bored to write all this xD
: Why Yasuo's are tilting
Well I do think he needs a buff.. He is squishy and has no good escape (unless there are lots of minions) and his lane phase is weak vs most champions, I can't remember last time I lost my lane vs him..
: probably a challenger smurf looking to destroy a self-confident gold player? :D
: :) you and me both brother
Just got able to log in again, surprisely I didn´t get lower-prio Q, but I still have the 83 ms lag ^^
Sdars (EUW)
: I have a feeling I'm not going to get loss prevented...
Well, I was in a normal game so I`ll "only" get 5 min lower-priority Q...
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: Unable to "see more stats" under the leagues section
You can watch your stats on OP.GG etc if you want, I had the same problem..


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