Mael bro (EUNE)
: Which champion you don't want to see get buffed?
{{champion:1}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:67}}
Gloopann (EUNE)
: Teamfighting as Zed
Use ur shadows to e/q the croweded spot of teamfight, try to dmg as many of the opponents as possible i guess (unless ur rlly far ahead, then u can probably go in and kill whoever u want :P)
: Keep trying m8, everyone gets loss streaks. Try different champions for different elos, believe me it makes a huge difference, certain elos handle certain champions better (or worse) than others.
Its all luck rlly, if u get the feeders/afks/ff spammers or if they go n the enemy team.
II Soe (EUW)
: Looking for Gold-Plat Supporter
I'd be interested :) {{champion:40}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:117}}
Agidyne (EUW)
: no it isn't. Rank is about how you play. Nationality is about where you are born. You can't influence the place your mother gave life to you, can you? You can however, influence your rank.
Well, u try to influence that game with 2 afks and 1 guy stacking tears and standing in base afking lol, even tho u are 7/6 2v5 u wont get any kinda reward for it.
Agidyne (EUW)
: The main Difference between Diamond and the leagues below.
U cant rlly categorize all people just by their ''rank''. Its like categorizing all people by their nationality.
: Main AD LF Support plat 3 +
Well, nice to know that u fit all the required criterias atleast :P I even speak a bit of german xD
: If you include yourself as a "good teammate" you have more good teams than bad teams, my bad
Very well then, if u count urself as a teammate that u get every game, then it might be right lol
: And again, I am amazed how people think that asking for reports, or threatening to report someone is not offensive. Its one of the worst forms of toxicity. And you can disagree of course, but please know this: The community agrees with me on this. How do I know that? Because the community decides what is toxic and what isn't. If people wouldn't want report-calling punished, then it wouldn't be.
Yeah well, it doesnt matter what the community thinks, they are all toxic and deluded anyways lmao. So if u wanna report a troll/flamer its offensive. Makes sense, better let them get away with it
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Ranked is a balanced team game
Let me guess, this is bronze? kata (support?) with cleanse and ignite lmao, aswell as a tp/exaust blitz with an amazing score
: >You must be delusional. Good to know the ban is well deserved.
Lol u dont seem to reasonable here, he didnt even do anything offensive.
: Because regardless of your team, what matters is if you win or lose. The logic behind it is that you will have as many good and as many bad teammates on the long run, making it irrelevant. Hence the only thing that matters is wether YOU win or lose.
> [{quoted}](name=MeProMeMid,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=E05xgoHJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-23T23:23:51.663+0000) > you will have as many good and as many bad teammates on the long run Wrong lol
: why does this game get me so mad?
In my own opinion its cus its so unfairly designed when the 2/14 vayne gets a win, and u the 12/6/14 jinx gets a loss cus someone was trolling and blames that ''his friend was on enemy team''
: How should I play Lucian now?
I build in this order {{item:3508}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3026}}
: Do not let this game control you . Your elo isn't who you are !
So true, felt this way forever now. Its all up to luck if u climb or not rlly...
LA Losty (EUW)
: Everyone can have a bad game or something affecting them, and noone is good on a champ they are new at :D Personally i cant play when im tired xD
Yeah ofc, but thats what seperates the good players from the bad. The good ones have less bad games, and the bad ones have more bad games. I have a bad game around 1 or 2 of 20 played... Well that 2nd one can be argued :P First time i played diana i went 34/8 in 32 minutes playtime ^^ over 1 kill per minute on something ive never played before lol, also on cassiopeia i went 6/0/4 on my first time, and that was in ranked even :D I can usually play, but the more games i play good in and get no reward for it, the more my heart hurts and at some point i cant play anymore lol
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SnowCyclone,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xLAWBnmu,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-12-22T22:44:42.608+0000) > > Inb4 name tells me it's going to be good. > Sorry for bad english, dont have autocorrection on my phone. > Enfin. > First of all, I have a hard time with the autoattacks. I know it is not extemely hard to pull off once you have mastered it, but how to make sure when to last-hit? > Second. Most of the matchs ups from every single site ever, is almost never true, or outdated. I still know that {{champion:7}} and {{champion:91}} shit on her hard. But in which situations should i pick her and which cases i should not? And if i do have to play against one of those, what would recommend for using runes. > I already know that the buildpath is; > Morellonomicon or Athenes, depending on the situation, into sorcerers shoes, then a Ludens Echo and a deathcap and an item depending on which kind of damage they do, like a spirit visage or zhonyas for example. > And at last; combinations that can be used. > Even though I know that a landed E can guarantee a Q and possibly an E, instill thunk it is hard to pull it off sometimes. Do you have any tips on that? > > Edit: I forgot to ask, like, I know that the q gives ms, and does true damage back, hut how do you optimise to use things like these? I almost always have when i try to poke, the enemy gets just the emd of the tip, and does not get the damage. And with this I don't mean that you hit him at the beginning and the end of the spell, but exactly at thr tip of it, so it is both hit with the magic and true damage. > > _Also, thanks for the fast reaction <3_ Csing with autoattacks takes practice. The best way to last hit correctly is to play a lot of games. For some aid in csing you can auto+W to basically double your autoattack's damage and secure the minion (great for siege minions), use the butcher mastery (+5 dmg per auto) and/or run some attack speed on your runes (5% would be enough, replacing some magic pen). Ahri's hardest lane counters are {{champion:1}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:50}} . These lanes are horrible, don't ever expect to kill them 1v1, don't even try to 1v1 them pre-6 really. I recommend avoiding these matchups unless you're really confident. Her hardest counters considering the entire match are {{champion:127}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:157}}. They force to itemize and play in a specific way, and usually it's a way that hinders you. For example, against Malz/Liss you may have to spend gold on a qss. Ludens is actually a **trash** item for Ahri. Yes many people build it, but that's because they think it's still op. Not anymore, it got some heavy nerfs. Deathcap gives you more waveclear and more combo damage, lich bane gives you more burst, some movespeed and even some cdr. The usual build path would be morello>sorcs>dcap>item 1>item 2>void staff. For items 1 and 2 you have the choices zhonya, rylais and lich bane. The zhonyas+rylais combo is my favorite build, gives you the damage of an assassin, the defensive stats of a fighter and the cc of a support. When played correctly it literally carries games 1v9. Just don't ever get spirit visage, rylais or abyssal give you the defense you need while also giving ap. To be sure you land a charm you can either charm flash (you use charm and then slightly after you flash - this extends charm's range and makes it travel faster) or ult to get closer and then land an easier charm. If you have rylais you can slow with W before attempting to charm. You don't have to hit someone with the tip of Q to get both parts of the damage, you can reposition yourself with ult/flash/running so both parts hit.
The Zed lane is winable :) The others are aids tho haha
LA Losty (EUW)
: Well even ranked team isnt always that tryhard, i usually play on for fun teams and even with my tryhard team i can mess up :P
^^ Yeah i guess, but still when theres 3 entire tiers apart AND u have a counter for my champ, id say u should be able to win the lane anyways :P
Zyru5 (EUNE)
: Preaseason and season 6
LA Losty (EUW)
: I was thinking the exact same thing.
^^ i had someone claiming to be a booster, who went 6/14 on lee sin and single handedly lost a game the opponents didnt deserve to win the least bit, u know what his excuse was after game? ''My friend was on enemy team'' lmao
: shyvana vs renekton, got fb on him -> totally lost lane, map pressure and so on shyvana vs illaoi, she got fb on me -> totally ripped her to pieces and I OUTDAMAGED A FEED BRAND SUPPORT (me 34k dmg, him 30k, this is the part that made me lol the most that game)
^^ Very well then, im not so used to losing lane, so its hard for me to tell, but i have to say, personally i hate illaoi and her e specially since u will take lots of dmg and tentacles will hit u if u try to recall etc etc, also she heals up wayyyy too much hp with the tentacles... Renekton is strong early, shyvana is lategame, maybe dont fight him early unless u get a gank xD
LA Losty (EUW)
: One game showns nothing, especially not a normal. Besides he might be new at the champion, have a bad game or he simply isnt as focused because its a normal and he isnt at risk of losing LP. Ive won lane against a diamond before aswell, back when i was lower rank, but i was certainly not good enough for diamond back then, not even close.
Same, even tho that was in ranked team and not in a normal. S2 Vlad > D1 Riven #neverforget
: I know normals are normals
Maybe depends on the champ u played agains? Etc Yasuo has no chance at all vs a malzahar, but vs a twisted fate? Thats a free win lane
: I bet you are the flaming guy who starts screaming like a kid after firstblood to enemy team.
Unfortunatly i dont talk in game, but very well. U are probably describing the type of person i hate the most. The ones that spam ''ff afk open mid'' after first blood for enemy team lmao
krokante (EUW)
: will i get demoted if i lose my first game in a new division?
Phaosis (EUW)
: Losing is great!
Yeah i bet u love losing to some trash u laned against who did fk all the entire game cus ur midlaner fed and then went afk. Right?
: Is the support role that repulsive ?
Well, u wanna be able to win the game without any help whatsoever (cus lets be honest here, u wont get any help in soloq...) so unless u duoq with someone the support role isnt gonna do that much for u... I mean, i main mid and adc, but after those 2 support is my best role tbh, but i still dont enjoy playing it cus its like a roulette if u get the adc that cant cs so he has 78 farm after 30 minutes, or if u get one that actually can play.
K 1 (EUW)
: [EUW] Looking for 2 players to play tonight [Gold1+]
Capello (EUNE)
: Flaming in friend chat
: Most annoying ability to get hit by
{{champion:11}} Q {{champion:1}} R {{champion:86}} Q
AxeyXxX (EUNE)
: Ezreal
Well, if u can him skillshots Ezreal is still a strong pick (Im still very strong on Ezreal myself), but i agree in this meta where the champs without any skillshots are the ''best picks'' Ezreal actually NEEDS skill in order to keep up with an unskilled lets say Miss Fortune.
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Aethu (EUW)
: Looking for a skilled marksman player.
Title: Yes Others: No. {{champion:32}}
Emillie (EUW)
: haters are my motivators
Squaid (EUW)
: LMAO. that's nothing compare to what some people do, there's a group of haters who downvote EVERY single thread of mine, and comments :D hahaha..
: Nighttime boards are a strange place my friend.
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: Please, Lee Sin NEEDS to be looked at
Well its true hes ridicolously strong, but the thing that makes it more alright is that the champ requires a bit of skill. Its not like annie where u press r and u have 1-5 kills with nothing to be done about it etc lol
coolbe (EUW)
: Hey, wanna be friends?
Yeah sure, why not :)
coolbe (EUW)
: :^)
:'( by far on adc tho lol
: If u rly had that much afks u should start looking about what you consider flame/blame and what the community does... Me and a friend played 15(yeh i know pretty much) games on a smurf account we both were trying out new things and got flamed at (even feeded 2-3 times) but we had 0 afks on our side and 2 on the enemys side(1 due to car accident from his family and the other getting flamed hard by a team member) Ah yeah afklers can get (could have changed 3 months with the new system) perma banned it they dont ever stop leaving games. Ah yeah and 20 min already take a load of fun away for most people...
Oh no, i dont talk much in game. I only make game concerned tactics talk, and if i find someone i like, well then i might talk to them, but in a friendly way ofc. Lol nice, well as ive said it comes down to luck... Some days u play 10 games and get 0 afks, some days u play 8 games and get 6 afks.... Its just luck rlly lol Oh, very well then, didnt know that . Well... It doesnt stop them from more afking and ruining more games tho haha, tbh they are worse than flamers, there are ways to not get affected by flamers (muteing), but there arent any ways not to be affected by an afk.... :/
: Proof that ELO-hell is a thing!!
Lol that ''plat'' shaco build doe
: I just love the guys who tell me "you get carried" in /all chat...
Sounds like ur like the 2/14 vaynes i lane against who gets a win for doing nothing all game lmao
SquisHz (EUW)
: All Girls Team, Looking for ADC
Too bad i aint a hot gamer grill... RIP
: I didn't really have any problem with Fiora this preseason tbh. I usually play Lee into her, and it works quite well.
xD i love that matchup as fiora, atleast when u know when he will ult :P
: I already wrote that. The usual afk rate is 1 out of 20 games Thats 0.5% of the players who play.(if everyone plays 1 game) Thing is afks get restricted thats why people who go afk usually are people like u and me with 1 connenction problem in 5 months. If u have more afks u -are a flamer(have a flamer premade) -are playing while server has issues(not rly that often) -are exaggerate. Thing is i played 3 smurfs to plat (+ main) while not even having 15 afks in 300 rankeds... and i was in every elo the time when i had "a bit to much afks" was in season 3 when euw server still sucked. Ah yeah like i said every 20th game contains an afk. Flamers have about 1 out of 3 or less Normal people tend to have bout 1/20 And friendly even less.
Alright. I have a smurf account in mid silver, ive played 71 games on, 42 in which ive had afks, 56 if u include afks in the enemy team. Yes i actually counted afks on that account since i wanted to know how often it occurred. Well they dont tbh, they get a longer queue time from being placed in the ''low priority queue'', something that doesnt rlly stop them from playing... Nope im not No idea, thats on ritos side Not rlly Well, good thing rng and luck is on ur side then, cus it defo isnt on mine. U do realise there are 3 other variables than just me? There are flamers, extreme flamers, people who spam ''ff'' ''noob team no use playing i afk ff 20'' cus enemy team is 3/1.
: So in your opinion you belong diamond and have at least 1-3 afks everygame ONLY on your team? and a rengar aint gonna deal 900 dmg with 1 auto with 3 items ... Even with a crit he would still need around 4 items for that WITHOUT ARMOR
High plat/low diamond yes. I have 1 afk every 2 games pretty much. If u count afks in EITHER team the number rises from 50% to 75%, there is barely a single game without an afk....
: the thead starter was talking about people who surrender, not spam surrender or be negative all the time
Well most people who surrender usually spam it until the other 4 people accept, or until the game is over lmao.
: Fun thing ... If u dont flame Yourself and are a better player then your elo ,the enemy team has generally more flamers/"trolls"/and feeders... + the % of flamer/troller me , my friends , and most league players have is ~ 0.5% 1 out of 20 But hey someday you might realize how stupid you were , or not probably. because most people in silver(about 90% of the player base is gold 1 and below) wont climb :P because they dont even want to learn or understand... I mean here are many diamond and plats with far greater skill and experience and u say things like uhhh my team uhhhh rengo op ...
Well, that all depends on the others, lets say 3 players on my team feed, there will be a guaranteed 3-4 flaming guys there. While on the other team, pretty much 1-2 players would flame because i 1v2 them over and over. Still? More flamers in my team because ''omfg useless jungle go fuck urself never gank again u only feed my lane'' etc etc Diamonds and plats arent good at all. I play vs pretty much full plat teams every game, and ive played vs diamond before, and had no problem at all, even tho they had counterpicks to my champ i still won lane lmao. And let me remind u, this isnt D5, its actually D3-D1 players.
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