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: Pick Order: URF
: this is terrible and not entertaining ur challenjour vs unranked and such
so how can i improve? ^^ thanks for feedback BTW
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Alneaimis (EUW)
Dafont - Fontstorm {{champion:35}}
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what do you guys think? :D
: Pick Order: Sona
: LF - Supp - Begginer Pro team - S5+ - Must be ACTIVE - EU WEST
Hi, i am a {{champion:37}} & {{champion:81}} main was silver in S4 but because of placements i got placed in bronze. {{item:3070}} (climbing up though) {{item:3060}} Add me if you want. :) have got a blue yeti edit: Sona KDA: 5.2/8.2/14.8 70% Winrate Recent Game Score: 3/7/20 3/6/12 5/6/20 4/7//17 my friend that i duo with says im very good, he is a gold player but he hasn't played all his placement games yet in S5.
Gnarmaw (EUW)
: > 'While ultimate skins come with a higher price tag, these skins offer up an intensely reimagined version of the champion that adds something completely brand new to the game.' Well it was first skin that evolves during game, that was completely brand new to the game at the time
Yes i am aware of that but quite frankly i think that the skin could be improved.
: In my opinion his costume evolves too slow and the changes may completely evade the eye in the heat of the battle. Sometimes you don't even get to the full evolved model. Perhaps an option to toggle through all three skin levels.
I don't think people would want to downgrade Ezreal's form. {{champion:81}} {{item:3070}}
: His hair looks like play-doh
omg it does xD It would be great if it looked like the one on the splash art :)
AutoQAuto (EUW)
: I think the skin desperately needs some texture love, otherwise its fine, just needs polishing, as another commenter said skins get better with time, the charm of pulsefire ez is in what we considered ultimate 3 years ago and what we expect now. Anyway, PULSEFIRE TU please riot!!!!!
: Skins keep getting better that's just how the game evolves. many regular skins nowadays are better then the old legendaries. It'd be great if they all got updated. But i don't think it's really necessary to update Pulsefire Ezreal. There's so many skins that deserve to be updated so much more.
But the ultimate skins should get the primary focus due to the cost.
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