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eThot (EUW)
: LF Hypercarry Jungle abusing Support+Jungle or ADC Cait/Xayah etc. P2+
Yo - add me - i am ingame right now, but ready to grind it with you. I've been looking for such partner as well ;)) (Also just got my ass kicked by such premade). @xPokky I got plenty of smurfs.
wreckeddd (EUW)
: And then we would get 15 mins queue in bronze-gold since no1 wants to support there.
No not really. I am platinum / Diamond rank now, and before autofll i had no problem waiting, though i also have smurfs in bronze - gold ranks (Have plenty) and before autifull i saw no problem either :)
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Lupí (EUW)
: Ranked Team Recruiting (Top,Jungle,Mid and Adc) (High Plat/Diamond)
IGN: xPokky / PokkyQT (2 accounts, both plat). Role: Mid (Top > Jungle). Rank: Plat IV Champion Pool (Best 4): {{champion:55}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:105}} (When i play mid, but i am as good in top and jungle, and in top i am playing Bruisers, Ekko, Shen and others). Motivation to join the team: Want to join a team where there is Corporation, Teamwork, Plans and tactics (Not just SoloQ fights). Learn together. Hope to hear from u, love Pokky <3
: New ranked team for S6 plat +
IGN: xPokky Age: 17 Timezone: Copenhagen timezone (GMT+1). Role: Jungler Best 3: {{champion:203}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:59}} 5s Exp: I played team a few times, and i am overall open for new ideas and such. Willing to take direction?: I am open for everything, and my champion pool is very wide, so ill play whatever i get told. Time to play per week: i have work wednesday and Thursday, but else i believe i have time ;) Shot caller/captain? : At the start i don't talk very much ( 1-3 games) but then i loosen up. I can shot call, but i don't know if i can be the main shotcaller (But i can try my best ofc).
Ne3dle (EUW)
: Looking for a serious team ( plat )
wanna try put up a team together? (If yes, feel free to add me).
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Ikori (EUW)
: Serious 5s Ranked Team Looking for Players to fill [A Team Plat +] (B Team Gold +)
I'd like to join! Im plat, and applying for Team A. But i can also help team B when i am not playing for team A.. dno.. But add me any time! Real name: Nicholas Age: 17 Country: Denmark Working Mic: Yes Teamspeak3: Yes Role: Top>Jungle>Mid (That order). I also like adc, but thats not what you need ;) Mains: I don't got specifik main champs, as i wanna keep my champion pool very wide. I play what champion the team needs for the situations. Experience (How long have you played League): I got lvl 30 in the end of season 1, and i have enjoyed the game all since. I have played on different kind of teams, and attended in professional tournaments. I have just ended a career in "Elo boosting" ;) now i wanna settle, and play for myself, and for a team. English level (1-10) 10 being best: My english is probably 9-10. My written grammar probably sucks ass, but understanding and talking is a 10 (I am half American) ;) Current Division: Plat V Season 4 Division: Plat 3 Favourite Champion: I have different times... sometimes i like one champ, and other times i like others... but i play all different kind of champs, to have a wide champion pool, so that i can play whatever champion that is needed for the team. Real life hobbies: I have 2 spare time jobs. 1. at a buther. 2. as a babysitter. Else i study and do homework, and play computer ;) Music taste (I know..): erm... :p My music taste is very wide. Other games played: Dota2 ( a little).. CS;GO (DMG rank). HOTS. I basiaclly like all the "Competetive" games. Have a nice day! Feel free to add me and ask me about what ever you feel like ;)
ZeeKz (EUW)
: Creating a new team consisting of Plat IV + Players
: [[Danish Team looking for you!]]
What up. Top laner her, desværre kun 17 år :/ Plat- Mundter og lystig, så længe i er ;) Bare add hvis min alder stadig kan snuppes med :)
Bl4ckCry (EUW)
: Diamond Smurf Adc looking for Support Duo Mate (Gold right now)
: Plat+ Ranked 5s Need top laner
Plat Top laner here - Summ name; xPokky Age; 17 From Denmark, speaks decent english. Got a big variety selection in my champion pool. *Add me Any time ;)


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