: I'm pretty sure valid reports that aren't enough for a chat restriction or ban slow down your Honor progress a lot.
Apparently it can indeed, but since you don't get any feedback about it, you don't know that, nor do you know what to improve. Making a more transparant system with better feedback would help players improve, and it makes the system feel less random.
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Luniya (EUNE)
: Now, as you've pointed out, I do not believe Riot has given us a clear definition of what you need for a high grade, however, there have been analysis and thoughts given to this subject in the past, and some of them include various scores. You are indeed correct that the grading system includes your K/D/A, and having an 0/1/59 Ivern in a game with 61 kills towards your team is quite incredible, but there are more factors to be seen. If you look at the overview and check at Graphs, you can see the amount of damage dealt you've dealt, healing you've done, damage you've migetatid(shielded), etc. They will now compare those numbers with other Ivern players in your ELO (I do not know if this only counts for SR or for overall Ivern players). If the average Ivern has 3/2/10 score in your ELO at 20 minutes and you still have no kills after a relatively long game of ARAM (ought to be at least 35 minutes if your team got 61 kills), then it is seen as a "Negative", therefore lowering your score from S, which is meant to be "Perfect", while A means "Excellent". You did good, however, you didn't do much better than the average Ivern player to reach an S grading. If your score is 0/1/59 and you have less damage mitigated than the average Ivern in said ELO ( and maybe said map ), then the grading system won't see you fit for a "Perfect" score. If we have to say the average grading is B, then getting an A simply means you were better than the average Ivern. Well played, good sir. Personal opinion: Maybe you should try dying more in ARAM (Sounds crazy after what I said, I know), since you never get to use your gold for better items. If you do not get enough items to support your team as optimal as possible, then you might as well be "Behind" in that game, meaning you are a hindrance to your team - you are "pulling them down", not doing the best of your ability. If you have over 2500 gold in the bank then go suicide if you have to, it's not like you are on a killing spree, so die, give them 300 gold, and go back and use that gold of yours, and show them who's boss! I haven't read this through after writing it, so it may include some mistakes in spelling or formulating, but hey, it's the internet, can you have anything against me? I'm just trying to help out a guy askin' for information **Shrug** Anyway, good luck, brother/sister, and may the glory of S shine upon thee. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks for the post :) I can understand that I don't get an S, since, as you pointed out too, my damage/healing/cs probably was to low to get an S rating, though I'd like to get more feedback from riot on the hows and whys you get a rank, so you can improve and focus on points where you are apparently to weak to gain the S grade. As for now you just get a ranking, out of nowhere, without any explanation how its composed
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