: Ahri Guide - No Matter The Season
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: Hi there. While I don't know enough about Fizz to verify the information you are providing, I will give you some advice about the guide format and video. The biggest problem with your guide is that the visuals don't really contribute to the guide in a meaningful way. They are just a bunch of Fizz gameplay clips that are actually more distracting than anything else. At all times the visuals should support what you are saying. For example, at 5:10 you are talking about the laning phase but the visuals are showing a mid-game skirmish. It's very distracting. You have some footage of a laning phase so why not use that when talking about how to trade in lane? Also, avoid showing your deaths as this can ruin your credibility unless you are doing it to showcase a common mistake a lot of Fizz players make ("this is what can go wrong if you do this, etc"). From there you can increase the value of the visuals by doing things like slowing down the footage at key moments to better illustrate your point, and refer to the visuals in your commentary ("as you can see in this situation I did x/y/z"). You speak very well with the occasional "err." or repetition but this is easily overcome. Just try to think about the background visuals a bit more and get more creative in your editing to engage the viewer more.
Hello. Really solid feedback, good tips! I will keep them in mind when I work on the next video. Thank you very much for your time and input! :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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