RusSs0R (EUW)
: if im right, the best way to not get banned is to just not talk in chat at all?
RusSs0R (EUW)
: banned again but this time i was not toxic at all
> [{quoted}](name=RusSs0R,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ouIZsfsW,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-06T19:52:33.986+0000) > > this is a joke, me and the entire team did bad and just because i was jungle and couldnt gank any lanes because they were pushed up i was banned, this is an actual joke every one on the team reported me for 0 reason and i was banned. it seems like the only way for me not to get banned is to not say anything in the chat at all, ill admit i wasnt exactly the nicest to the team but its not like i flamed them i was just reported by the entire team because they had no one to blame and as many people do in low elo games they blame the jungler when they lose 1v1 in lane > Game 1 > Laneyy: mouse not working > Laneyy: %%%% > Laneyy: dont think u have noticed > Laneyy: mord isnt very mobile > Laneyy: cant gank if ur p[ushed up > Laneyy: lol > Laneyy: im just going to afk farm > Laneyy: fizz fed > Laneyy: gg > Laneyy: we lose > Laneyy: ahri feeding > Laneyy: or trolling > Laneyy: could be both > Laneyy: ahri with tp > Laneyy: trolling > Laneyy: ah so feeding then? > Laneyy: u called her bad > Laneyy: ur flaming > Laneyy: lol > Laneyy: calling her bad is flame > Laneyy: lol > Laneyy: lol gg > Laneyy: every one fed > Laneyy: i need items > Laneyy: got to b > Laneyy: unlucky > Laneyy: we lose > Laneyy: gg > Laneyy: im not flaming > Laneyy: what > Laneyy: im not flaming? > Laneyy: and? > Laneyy: lol ahri bad xD > Laneyy: unlucky ashe > Laneyy: maybe next time > Laneyy: ill 1v1 this ashe > Laneyy: the > Laneyy: mf > Laneyy: sorry > Laneyy: im white > Laneyy: im going mid > Laneyy: for the triple > Laneyy: watch > Laneyy: FOR > Laneyy: WHAT? > Laneyy: what have i done > Laneyy: wrong > Laneyy: i legit havent done anything wrong > Laneyy: what have i done wrong > Laneyy: exactly? > Laneyy: what have i done then > Laneyy: kid > Laneyy: what i have done > Laneyy: ur all doing no better than me > Laneyy: we all are feeding > Laneyy: why am i getting reported? > Laneyy: what have i done then? > Laneyy: i actually havent said anything toxic this game > Laneyy: what are u on about > Laneyy: 1hit by mf xD > Laneyy: whos smurfing > Laneyy: ? > Laneyy: lol reported smurfing isnt allowed > Laneyy: this team is reporting me for being toxic, when i havent said anything bad this entire game???????????? > Laneyy: they are just looking for someone to blame because of the enemy team being better than them > Laneyy: and because i cant gank 5/0 fizzes im the one getting the tail end > Laneyy: they dont understand that morde has 0 mobility and cant gank a fed fizz that has a bunch of mobility > Laneyy: olaf was complaining that ididnt gank him because he was always pushed up > > if someone can tell me the point where i flamed i would be gratefully apreciative i seriously dont see anything wrong with this, if anyone can help me i would be grateful, it seems like if you get 3 or more reports for a single game you get instantly banned, i was temp banned for the same reason and it is really annoying me as i do not think myself to be a toxic player, it sucks that you can get in a game with a 3-4 man premade and if you do one thing they dont like they can report you and your account will be banned, nice system riot{{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} premades report riot must not give a .... about premades report i banned for same reason it really sucks
: I played 14 games to level up to get the capsule including win of the day. get champ shards that worth 720 BE out of it. So compare to past including win of the day. it would be 720 - 150 (win of the day Bonus in past) = 570 : 14 Games mean that u would earn 40 Ip per game when u compare it to the past. WTf this much reduce u need to play forever to buy ur champs u not owning. This how riot want to make money with selling champs. And they always were so proud that they are not pay to win. Good work Riot making ur game pay to win. i have still 20 champions for 6300 BE to buy so lets see how many games i need 720 BE : 14 = 51 BE per game 20 x 6300 BE = 126000 BE 126000 BE : 51 BE = 2470 games to play till i can buy me my missing champs. Are u serious. And i didnt count in that leveling up need more games every 25 levels, because level up need every 25 level more xp to gain a level This is just betraying ur gamers with changing it and make the people buy champs for real money if there is no change in future im out. I dont play a pay to win game
: > You get Champion Shards for leveling up, should give you roughly the same amount of BE than what you would have gotten in IP Did you level up in those 6 games? if not, keep playing. Really, just RTFM. You've already been told to read the FAQ which answers this. Dividedby0error also told you only get a capsule after levelling. **_LEVELLING_**. Levelling is **not** "playing six games". Levelling up is filling your xp bar and moving onto the next level. it's having a new number where the old one was. Boards say you are lvl 18. You will get a capsule when you get to lvl 19. At which point I'm sure you'll be back here complaining all you got were some "useless shards for champs i don't want" rather than blue essence, because you _**STILL**_ won't have read the FAQ people are telling you to read.
i played lots of games after patch im lvl 31 now but i just got two champion shards for lvl up soraka and galio but i had this two before that means lvl up not help you to get champs you just can buy champs with RP and that is not good .
: Play games, level up.
that is not good at all this new runes + this new method BE riot will loose lots of players
: Same here, tried to use the hextech repair tool but didn't fix anything {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
same here any ideas ? those things not fixed my problem


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