: Do you ever get good games in solo queue?
I only have shit games no matter which elo, which account, it's purely frustrating 3 scenarios I can think of: I solo 1v9 the game and it's over within 15-20 minutes I get a significant lead and my teammates render me useless by refusing to play with or around me I get gangbanged 1v3 all game and my team still manages to lose 2v4. and recently an old one returned the "adc does nothing but manages to last hit all kills and says he carries because he does most dmg while farming dmg on tanks in the late game" I have tried from low diamond games until low silver games nothing changed at all in those elos, not even the skill is that much different
SepharU (EUNE)
: Im am not assessing the booster problem here, i am merely touching the subject around LP loss prevention when you get an afk after 10 min, or if you win 4 v 5.
Riot does just that tho with remakes, the player who caused the remake will get 2! (not just 1) loses on his acc in terms of MMR, while noone gains anything, same goes for ppl who dc for too long, they will get a lose even if they "win"
: This is how you are expected to perform to climb in low elo...
The reason behind this is that riot wants to keep matches "balanced" which means the system of riot has it's data on how you perform in the average game comparing it to all others in the game then it will place the game as close to a 50-50 scenario as possible meaning if you are a lot better than your rank you will very likely get the worst players (statistically speaking ofc) in your team. This causes good performing players to have the feeling that their team "always feeds" and average players being in fair games more often. I found this out when I was smurfing I kept getting hardcore feeders every game cause I had 100% winrate after 13 games and then it was a legit 1v9 every single game until I started losing enough then when my winrate would settle in between 70-85% games would be hard but often possible. On the other hand my bad bronze friend seems to have good teammates often as he is not a good player and thus has an easier time winning.
: Actually the bot will trigger after a certain amount of reports, "fcuk you" can trigger him in that case too. Rito is also gettin smarter with that, trust me ! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
you can flame all u want, if you use nice words for it, they can't ban people using nice words, else everyone would get banned at some point due to ragereports
: Agreed
If anything they should have tackled her late game damage or put a small cooldown on her passive, her late game is beyond OP but you are not gonna make it there now
: Akali
Akali is literally the weakest champ in the game after that nerf, cause she now has about 10 more counters in lane and will never make it to a point where she can have impact. Her damage is so low at level 9 now that you can't even oneshot a squishy champ with 2 passive procs which is a joke for an assassin. There are tanks that have more level 9 dmg
: Sad to say but Katarina is way easier than Qiyana. You can learn Katarina combos (the only one) in like 5-10 min in Practice Tool. After you are good to go and after 15 games you have nothing to learn anymore about Katarina. Katarina combo: Q on the minion in the front of the enemy, E on the enemy and press fast W to walk to the dagger dropped by your Q, walk to the dagger dropped by your W, E on the enemy and press R. If something went wrong you just retreat in the middle of the combo and you just wasted your W and E and some HP, but the enemy wasted something too.
you have no clue about katarina, her basic combo is easy but so is every other basic combo of any champ, have you teamfighted with katarina once while dodging all skillshots placing your daggers perfect to get maximum aoe dmg and calculated all your resets into that?
: The difference between those is that Qiyana has been out a week, the others have been out months or years. I'd say Qiyanna is *way* harder than Riven or Katarina
sry but Qiyana being harder than Katarina is nothing but a joke I hope? Especially when it comes around mastering Katarina she is one of the most difficult if not the most difficult champ in the game. Her maximum potential is so high that a single lane kill actually means a guaranteed win even in challenger if someone actually managed to play her to full potential Qiyana is not easy but not THAT hard either the hardest thing about her is managing her playstyle similar to Akali working around with dancing around the enemy cause her straightup dmg is not that high but her ability to put out dmg while not taking much in return is. Also Qiyana is the weakest champ release in a long time without any chance of contest
: You should go watch some professor akali on youtube. He mostly playes solo games, and still manages to get a shitload of kills, and mostly carries with Akali. With a little practice (especially in familiarizing youself with passives, energy restoration and active items) and without hard snowballing smurfs on the other team she is still a very viable choice in all ranks.
yes and prof akali is a master/challenger player smurfing on dogshit players, I can also play X champ full dmg on 1 tier below my main elo and stomp everyone even prof akali thinks she is not that viable anymore for lower tiers unless played by someone who deserves to be higher than this elo
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: First Rito takes away Urgot.
I miss old Akali, new one just is too strong in coordinated play but useless without so she keeps getting nerfed for challenger and pro play but is a joke in lower elo
Chrysies (EUW)
: Again, the problem is the enemy team being composed or morons then. No champion in this game can face a fed enemy team collapsing on you, unless they completely ignore cc (or don't have any at all which I can't see happening). Also, no champion in the game can OS anyone, it takes more than a single ability.
no champ can kill anyone with 1 ability? I have 100-0d people with: AP Ashe R Lethality Cait R Cho Gath R Fizz Q or R Garen Q Jax W Karthus R Malz R Morde 3rd Q or R Nasus Q Nida Q AP Panth Ult Rengar Shaco one single box Syndra R Tristana R (before rework) TF Blue Card Udyr Q Vayne Q Veigar W or R Viktors empowered basic Zoe Q those are all things I have completely 100-0 oneshot an enemy with a single ability at least once in a ranked game
hhhaai (EUNE)
: Helping players with AFK teammates
I already have ideas to abuse that so hard that it will make leavers beneficial as winning strategy People will also tell feeders to leave so they get their gold -> more toxicity I can have my friend play on gold generation builds+champ play a hypercarry get him to leave carry the game to the point where i have my inhib make him reconnect just in time before it counts as lose for him and we both a get a win through a AFK protection mechanic
: Change my mind
Stop engaging on a vayne let her tumble forward once and then blow her up the second she pops out of stealth, vayne is exactly like kalista and ashe she wants you to try to get to her so she kite you out until you realize you can't get her and then it's too late and with that one stupid mistake she builds up her rageblade and %%%%s you up completely. When I play Vayne 8/10 kills before I am fed are because the enemy tries too hard to get me. Also she is weak to AoE CC because her RQ doesn't save her from that. {{champion:127}} {{champion:131}} or high range carries like {{champion:45}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} as well as good zone control {{champion:143}} {{champion:74}} and AP {{champion:35}} also work wonders against her if used properly. Her impact range is low, use that against her and she is just half of the threat she is when u don't expose that weakness. Her DMG is high, but Mordekaisers DMG is higher and he can use your own ADC against you with 1 button and I doubt many consider Morde to be OP
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: What the fucc am I supposed to do against Nasus?
You have 2 options: Shut him down so your top laner can deal with him solo for 25 minutes, or win the game before 20 minutes by yourself. Nasus biggest weakness is his counterpicks, as he is due to his stacking one of the most matchup reliant top laners in the game. If you have a winning matchup vs him let that be backed up by vision and counterganks and he is no issue, that's why in higher elo he is almost only successful as a counterpick and has to play with lane strength to survive (E max dorans ring etc). Great champs into him are {{champion:5}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:58}} and many more, there are many meta and off meta picks who do well into him, also his biggest enemy is being kited, he has no reliable way of closing in onto multiple people if you chain your CC
DeCoqq (EUW)
: Agree. I was about to write exactly the same. Vayne needs only two items nowdays and she is online, pretty early for late game champ. Guinsoo needs hard nerfing (maybe remove penetrations) and bork a little cost increase.
Vayne is not a late game champ, she has never been and will never be, she has ALWAYS been a true mid game champ spiking hardest at 2-3 items, her tankshredding makes her seem like a hypercarry vs tanks but comparing her late game dmg to {{champion:222}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} and more shows that her strong point is that she spikes way earlier than those champs and way harder while not being up to their hypercarry potential in the real late game. Her biggest issue is not her late game dmg but her low impact range, ofc is good at front to back teamfights, but since she has 200-300 lower impact range than other hypercarries and ONLY single target dmg she is always playing on a knifes edge and closer to the enemy team, meaning a flash play from the enemy team leads to her death more likely than with other hyper carries with more selfpeel and/or higher range, also her needing to build up rageblade stacks at closer range makes it harder for her to have huge impact in a flashy engage. I'd prefer a {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:21}} (with aoe cc for R setup) {{champion:15}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:498}} at 5+ items over a vayne in 9/10 games, but since not many games go that far vayne does very well compared to most of these in general. I play Vayne myself and I got a lot of Pentas a Quadras with her and most of them come from skirmishes when teams try to come to help or from 2 item extended fights, or when I come in from an unwarded flank and pick of targets one by one with 4-6 basics each with lethal tempo you also wouldn't call {{champion:82}} or {{champion:122}} late game champs when they can delete you at 40 mins with 2 buttons, their dmg potential is insane like vaynes but it's situational, while most hypercarries can put their dmg out most of the times while being hard to contest especially with some peel
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Shamose (EUW)
: You can't cancel blitz E. If he targets you with it and then you E you'll still get hit. It's not a bug. That's how it's supposed to work.
that is a bug lol fizz is not targetable so he should not be hit
Roamcell (EUW)
: Do you realize that your statement is pure bullshit? https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/8.23/platinum/plus/tierlist/ Looking through stats you can easily see that it's MONTHS since urgot got nerfed like other juggernauts, and has disappeared from a prevalent position if not in platinum+ So, unnecessarily hard and unjustified nerf: why and how to contrast?
It's true and you know it, even while smurfing 3 Tiers below my actual elo Urgot was a bigger problem to deal with than facing really good OTPs on my main, and that has to raise every alarm. Especially I can remember a game in which a silver Urgot nearly oneshot me after missing his ult at level 6, me being level 8 and having a 2k gold lead on him. Urgot was the strongest champ in 2 soloQ roles and 2 comptetive roles since his buffs in mid season 8 through worlds and even after changes that didn't favor him he he still was S Tier until his recent nerf and he is not bad he just is not OP anymore, quit crying
Roamcell (EUW)
: Urgot: the latest mana nerf is unnecessarily and stupidly hard
I smell a triggered urgot main who is mad that his champ is not so OP anymore that he requires 0 skill and mana management, after being S+ Tier for half a year in both mid and top in both soloQ and competetive
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: I one ,and i am sure that anyone else know the meaning of the word %%%... , and even if someone was chased by enemy , i still finded time to tell him to suicide by tower or into tower... , so your behaviour have no excuse looking at the replay i could easy find in which context you used the word , but if riot warned you to don't use that word and you used it , there's no one fault ,even if it may be used in another context.
I didnt' play for a long time and back in my day "%%%" was not used when i started playing again and i read it for the first time I almost was gonna ask what it means, do you think I deserve a 14 days ban for that?
: > [{quoted}](name=Torkl,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3cBfOkpj,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-16T13:17:12.175+0000) > > Problem is that sometimes you cant help going afk, maybe you get an important phone call, maybe fbi is knocking on your door, maybe your kid is going bananas in the kitchen or maybe you forgot about something important and need to fix it asap. and let´s not talk about the shitty client that gets worse by every patch :P Also internet problems is fairly common.. Then you wont mind the lp loss. Right now the non-afks just get as much punished as the afk one, I just dont think thats reasonable
Actually you are wrong, AFKs lose twice as much MMR as non AFKs. Last season I got a remake onto myself cause of machine failure and it counted as 2 loses for my winrate with 9 Wins and 1 remake i was at 9-2.
noobitup (EUW)
: I understand how juggernauts work against him but what do you do when playing a support champion , do you let gim push the wave or do you walk for cs with the risk of him dashing to you through minions?
if he lets you push, push, if he doesnt, then walk up for cs and in both cases play as described
noobitup (EUW)
: is there a way to limit YASUO by mana or energy?
Any Juggernaut, {{champion:24}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:131}} beat yasuo easily, also there are quite some interesting counters to yasuo, like: {{champion:16}} every time he dashes you get enough time to land your Q making you win all trades if he dashes towards you use E to get a confirmed root and a Q as well as basic attacks in for free. {{champion:43}} spam empowered W and only use Q in close range, he can't do anything to you {{champion:40}} you win level 1 hard, level 2 you can push the wave and get wave control forcing him to play on the backfoot as he cant trade into your shield + wave while getting cc'd so his escape slows down, if he windwalls your basic attacks you get free clear or free counterattack if he trades you, you can let him ult you at 6 while charging up a tornado at the last second knocking him up once he lands from ult and then ult him into your tower if you freeze, easy to pull off once you get the hang of it
Tarolock (EUNE)
: calling yourself computer scientist wont make you smart the 50% winrate is the RESULT of the matchmaking, it is NOT forced on you, if you are better than your team/opponent you get higher winrate and tougher opponents, then there will be a point where you are not better than the players you get in your game and your winrate will fall, when it stops around 50% it means you reached your max/your true place, you cant go higher unless you work on your skills at that point, so once again, if you are stuck for 1000 games you are at your best rank that you deserve
This is wrong, because Riot tries to balance games, as long as you are not outperforming to the point where Riot can't match you to get a 50-50 game you will be stuck at 50%. I myself learnt to feel the pain of it as rushed through silver last season with my constant 75-80% winrate but 9/10 games my teammates were literally apes, while the enemy team appeared like decently thinking human beings. To keep up my winrate I had to not only play against my enemies and find out who was the smartest person on my team, I also had to play against the time. I needed to get to a point strong enough as fast as possible to carry solo or with 1 or at best 2 others in my team, before the enemies reached an item point, where I could not do that anymore. My placements went 9-0 (and then i got a remaked onto me cause my client crashed counting as 2 loses btw cause after it, my winrate was not 90% but in fact 81,8% and then I had to play insanely good to keep that up even tho it was just silver, as winning lane and securing objectives was not enough anymore cause of the "balanced matches matchmaking"
Prophecy (EUW)
: Yasuo nerf thanks
Everyone can claim what they want, but if you look at my points closely you will see that they are true: - Yasuo is a very high skill cap champ - Yasuo is strong but not OP, the main problem is him being so annoying to deal with(causing people to get even more frustrated when they lose after a tiny mistake) - his effectiveness when not knowing how to play him is WAY too high(I am totally shit on yasuo yet I can go 0-3 0-4 in lane just try my best to farm and go bonkers after) - he snowballs WAY too hard and if you are countered by him you lack possibilities to save the game when the person who laned against him didn't know what to do - even his bad matchups are in his favor if he gets a single kill - he is too strong in many parts of the game, a DPS hypercarry should not be strong in lane, at 1-2 items and at full build, and yasuo has one of the highest level 1 DPS in the game, while being a tankshredder that can build crit lifesteal and defense in the same build ways to balance him would be pushing on things riot did already, forcing him to decide more between dmg and defense, so he deals less dmg with 2 crit items 1 lifesteal item and 2 def items and does not spike hard enough that he can oneshot squshies in 1 knockup as a DPS carry
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Some adcs are CLEARLY stronger than others.
not trying to be harsh or anything but you totally missplayed vs a mid game spiking ADC and ran straight into his skillshots, while he was at one of his stronger points and 1 level above you you started out correctly by placing the trap underneath him as he didn't expect it, after you needed to use a trap to block off his gap closing, then basic him with the extra range as well as instant Q after following up by an E as soon as he starts up his E so you hit him with your E while kiting away again and using your range then you get off another passive basic 1-2 more basics and he won't be able to finish you off so he will run -> you ult once he is far enough away and you kill him right there.
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: How to survive against LeBlanc. (Asking for an advice)
Stay outside of enemy minions while she has her W, when she jumps on you use E instantly you dodge her W dmg as well as getting a chance to trade back and get priority with an HP lead, also you outsustain her and you spike harder with your early part items, be careful if she rushes pen over Ludens, as that means she wants to kill you in one combo, LB usually maxes her W so if you dodge that you avoid most of her trading potential early on, for the chain stay in your minions until she tries to jump you, most LBs will also use Q before that so you have a bigger window to react, if she has Q and W on CD her E is not as dangerous for you either as there will be no follow up dmg and thus you still winning the trade, later in the game you can go hexdrinker or banshees and LB will not be a problem unless she got very fed
icarusso (EUW)
: Any good MMORPG?
All good MMORPGs are ruined by their publishers because of pay2win or shitty care for the community. I expirienced that myself when playing high end PvP in Aion, very skill based in a fair enviroment, which was ruined by human greed.
Rioter Comments
: Because thats not mmr boosting. Mmr boosting is when someone plays on an account they dont own to raise another players rank. People will pay for MMR boosting to certain ranks if they feel like they cant climb because of their "team". You can usually tell if someone has been MMR boosted because they will have insane winrates on certain champions, and they might randomly switch summoner spell position.
i know what MMR boosting is lol but Riots reasoning can't just be "he played from different IP"
: Wrongfully Banned
I don't understand it I have so many smurfs which I play and none ever got banned for "MMR Boosting" even tho I easily get huge winstreaks on champs those accounts have never played before etc because all smurfs own different champs because I have a huge champ pool. I also know of people who obviously got boosted and they are also not banned so I am quite confused on your case, sry to hear so
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: {{champion:122}} > {{champion:86}} if both players are of equal skill.
idk I have been winning this matchup either way pretty hard so I never thought there would be a big difference
Ziorky (EUW)
: Garen is not fun to play against as an assassin
Which Champ do you like against Garen except tank shredding kiting DPS carries or tank shredding DPS carries that get good peel?
BioDio (EUW)
: This was very helpful, I think I can practice Lissandra, feels like it makes sense. Since he can ult me, and I can ult myself. When he dashes towrds me I can stun him. I can also "run away", and farm at a relatively ok distance. Thanks for the tips and help.
Np Fizz is cancer but if you make no big mistakes you can beat him
shatan7 (EUW)
This is nothing I have seen my level 20 friend being matched against diamonds and plats when he plays alone xD
: Wintrades on a consistant lvl is nearly 100% impossible unless you are at the top of the ladder, reasoning beaing that the player pool is way to big. Wintrading works only if people in opposing teams know each other before the game and have some kind of deal where the guy intentionally loosing a game so the other gets a free win, gets something in return. How high is the chance that your teammate and an enemy have such a contract? As long as he didn't write "I'll run it down if you gift me a skin" or something similar like that, means you just got bad luck
wintrading can happen at any elo if you Q up at certain times like 4 AM with the same roles, i have been able to snipe a streamer that insulted me with my silver 4 smurf 2 games in a row and luckly 2 times on the enemy team to destroy him completely
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Tell me, how you get 700AD with 40 lethality, IE and two Zeal items?
you don't need 700 ad for a basic to deal 1400 dmg there is runes and item effects
: Except it is the funnel strategy. Funnelling gold into a champion who isn’t a scaling carry doesn’t work, the very definition of a carry is someone who scales well... so it’s funneling gold onto a single carry in order to have them scale up at a pace where they take over a game instantly... that’s litterally what the funnel strategy is... And oneshotting squishies at 20 mins isn’t even that impressive... a lot of champions can do that without a cheese strategy
but they can't do it with 1 basic right i am not talking about one comboing or having huge dps, it is literally one basic and boom 1 kill next target 1 basic 1 kill and so on also the funneling gold into the carry is just a sideeffect because it's most beneficial to do so while you are at it but it is not the core element unlike with the powerfarm funnel strategy
: So the known funnel strategy... the point of that strategy is to funnel all gold into a single carry at all opportunity, the only difference is that instead of just 1 useless champion you have 4 making it much weaker and less reliable
no it's different than the funnel strategy because with the funnel strategy you could not literally onehit any squishy champ in the game at 20 minutes and it was only working with very few champions and mostly by funneling farm into scaling champs so they hit their spikes early in the game needing support to put out dps, this is not the case in my strategy, as a side effect you leave the farm to the carry when he is nearby tho to increase his chances of onehitting as early as possible as this will be available to at least 6-7 carry champs so it can't be outbanned like the funnel strategy which mainly worked for taric + yi/kaisa or nunu + karthus
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: First of all, your math is wrong. Second of all, you are missing an important fact. There are 3 lanes in League. Even if the "funneled carry" has gold advantage, he can only use it on one lane at the time - while the other lanes get pushed in and lose towers.
first of all my math is not wrong second of all I have taken that into consideration, that's why made 2 strategies one which can hold towers vs strong pushing lanes and one which can simply focus on getting the one carry as far ahead as possible don't tell me my math is wrong when you have no idea how it works, you didn't see the calculation so you can't tell it is wrong, because it is simple and it's correct the best counter to this would be a team focused on pushing lanes and teamfight cc + as tanky as possible, but a squishy team could just be killed with 5 basics with the maximum dmg possible with that strategy
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So you think that one carry getting shutdown gold is enough to cover up the fact that at least 4 of the enemies are ahead?
I have done the math on it and there are 2 options, one is the carry will deal over 1400(before defense with about 40 lethality) dmg with one basic at 20 min into the game while the rest of your team is pretty much just useless only being setup and support while massively behind, the other option is that he will deal around 700-800 at 20 min while your team is just slightly behind and mostly being supportive champs
: You mean the funnel strategy... yeah that’s not exactly new it’s been a thing for a while even became meta in pro play for a bit... also as overrated alas all of the other cheese strategies
no it's not the known funnel strategy, it is something else completely different while you just funnel all gold and exp into the carry when he happens to be nearby
Hansiman (EUW)
: You can read a more in-depth reply from Riot [here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/79aGu3wR-support-singed-isnt-banable-but-thats-not-the-point?comment=006b). The player in question even acknowledges that they understand why what they were doing was wrong of them, and ultimately punished. --- > was not forcing anything but his adc to play passive until level 4 as he would set the enemy jgl behind From the reply by Riot, the person was also claiming "friendly" jungle camps setting his own jungler behind, and stealing blue for himself.
From all the gameplays I watched he just stole the entire top side enemy jgl and tried to kill the enemy jgl along the way before returning to supporting the adc, maybe his playstyle changed over the time but it's all i have seen when watching him
Rioter Comments
Hansiman (EUW)
: I don't think you've actually read up about that case. It wasn't a case of being "too offmeta", but rather a case of a player forcing a very specific play style that everyone else would have to play around without trying to talk to people about it first. The player also admitted to queueing up as support for short queue timers, but had no intention of actually playing support. Calling it "Smite support" is really not accurate here, because the player was just playing Singed jungle.
I haven't just read about the case I watched his gameplay to understand what he was doing, he was not forcing anything but his adc to play passive until level 4 as he would set the enemy jgl behind(which helps all other players on the map) and then go on to support his adc for the rest of the laning phase, after his first warning he always posted a short paragraph about his strategy to inform his team about his gameplan executed it well and had a 53% winrate over tons of games in plat. The only you have to play by in league is playing to win and if it works in the majority of cases its a valid strategy, just like inting sion I build Iceborn Gauntlet and Abyssal Mask almost every game on Syndra mid and it works for me. It also forces my team to play passive around my power hole at 15-20 minutes, does that mean I should get banned for it?
: I have played mobas for 9-10 years, I started playing Heroes of Newerth, then LoL, then Dota 2, then HoTS and then LoL again. Never once in all these years and throughout all these games have I been banned or chat restricted. Same goes with my friends who have also played mobas for a long time. We are positive and encouraging towards each other and towards our teammates when we play solo no matter what happens. If we don't feel like spending energy on being encouraging a certain day we are just silent and focus on ourselves. We want to win and you don't win by being toxic, that only makes people play worse. I really don't understand how you can get restricted/banned if you are truly innocent. If you are not fully innocent then there was a reason for your punishment, so learn from it and don't make the same mistakes.
people like you deserve to be permabanned, there are people getting banned over literally nothing I saw a post of a 14 days ban without any chat logs or games linked xD and being punished for the slightest negativity because you never got frustrated? you better be banned for inting one death because you didn't see the jungler walk over a ward
: When it gets to the point that I have to Mute All since minute 1 , so i don't 'God forbid' offend some extra-sensitive kid , and i cannot type anything anymore , than it is a system that doesn't work and needs to be fixed . DUH ! Now add no rewards to an already stupid system and you get yourself a nice recipe for auto-destruction . GG Riot !
I feel like the game gets more and more toxic the harder the punishment system goes, because people just get more and more frustrated because they can't say a single thing so they resort to trolling because they are very unlikely to get punished or flame you with pingspam and sarcasm all game because a machine can't tell if "wp top best top ever" is used as harassment or as complementing a good play
Hansiman (EUW)
: Care to provide a source to this? From what I can tell, this is just a statement.
It happened with several well known cases like the Singed Smite Support player who got banned for 2 weeks manually because the rioter didn't think his strategy should be allowed because it is too offmeta and calling him refusing to communicate which clearly was wrong too
BioDio (EUW)
: How to counter Fizz?
Fizz is very hard to counter if played well, I play Fizz myself pretty much because I consider him broken but let me tell you what I do when I am forced to play against him. - Force him away from farm at level 1 and 2, if he tries to contest it poke the shit out of him. Fizz needs level 3 to be really impactful in many matchups which he gets after 14-16 minions(depending on what gets killed first at the 3rd wave, 1 melee + cannon, 3 melees or 2 melees + 1 caster + any other minion) so you can destroy him before that. - Pick a champ with either very strong self protection or good counter initiation. Lux is very good if you stay at respectful range he needs to engage with ult and then you have your own shield + barrier/exhaust and he will not be able to kill you with one combo. Diana is very good against him because of low ult cd pretty tanky for a mid laner as well as good all in + a shield. - If you can trust your jungler pick a champ point and click lockdown and let him freely engage on you (but don't get hit by a max range ult that still can be dangerous) Lissandra Malzahar Ryze - Pick one of his other direct counters and enjoy a free lane Heimer Swain Irelia Galio and Vlad he can pretty much just farm if he doesn't get jungle attention. Do NOT pick squishy mid laners without options for self defense that need to land skillshots to be useful, if he gets 1 kill you are done for with them. Take care at ganks if you have a squishy jungler like Nidalee or Eve so he doesn't just blow them up, as he will max E try to force his E out when you have a squishy jungler so he has to use it in defense and can't use it for DMG
Ehri (EUW)
: thank you!!!
I still dream of getting hugs from all the cute and good cosplay girls I see {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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