: > [{quoted}](name=Lore Ventus,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=XhVkulgm,comment-id=0002000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-24T15:37:29.033+0000) > > None of my cats ever harmed me. Idk why.. Probably because you never tried putting a leash on them.
My cat only gets aggressive when there are dogs around, the only thing that helps me is if I scruff him.
: Mine just lay down in the ground and I don't want to drag them. =(
Let him relax, don't pressure, it took me some time too. After some times, he got used to it. http://imgur.com/a/xiSov
JakiStow (EUW)
: Good post :) Glad to see that the report system works sometimes :)
Well, It did make me go away from the game. Sad. But helpful.
: Can't really tell it in word's , so let's play a guesing game {{item:1041}} {{item:3083}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} Mistakes ---> {{item:1051}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:7}}= {{item:3151}} {{item:3070}} Also once accidentaly = {{champion:1}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:1}}... {{summoner:3}} {{item:3067}} Happynes ---> {{item:3104}} (This one will take you long i gues)
Someone has interesting kinks I see {{champion:28}}
: > treat people the same way you want to be treated by others! > Unless you are really weird or a masochist! ;) Im sorry for the people i threat like me >-> {{item:3151}}
How you treat yourself? {{item:2050}}
: > treat people the same way you want to be treated by others! Unless you are really weird or a masochist! ;) But seriously: Glad to hear that you managed to take something positive from a bad situation. Good job!
I am glad myself! As much as I would love to get my account back, maybe in some years. But for now, I'll just see what adventures can give me, and what the world offers!
: Nice to see that you are becoming happier after all these sad things. Second thing, when I clicked on that picture of you with your cat in your previous post, I really had to look more than twice to ensure it was not my own cat. The black spots on the white cat are 100% identical to the black spots on my cat, with the only exception that the black spot on the back of my cat's head is a little bit more to the back of his had than on the head of your cat.
Are you trying to steal my only friend and soulmate right now? I will eat you! haha I love white cats with dark spots, they look so cute to me idk. and thank you, I am glad myself that I can smile somehow.
: How do you walk a cat? o:
Easy, I just got a leash for him, so I take him for walks. I did have bad experiences with dogs. c:
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: hey buddy... i hope one day you will think back to this days and say "wow, i really had a bad past but i did the best out of it. i can be proud of myself because i did not give up the hope." wish you the best. i know the feeling of losing a 5 year old account.
I'm taking a break from league, and probably for good tho. Too much time to level back to 30, and get all my champs back, ( my account had 100+ :c) For the past week, i've been hiking a lot almost every day and camping. Feels great TBH! With all the memories I had. and feelings.
Brroly (EUNE)
: I kinda the same problem .. I just got 25 chat ban restriction.. And I play since season 3 and I rarely speak .. They just kids been jealous by saying sell skin bla bla go play Minecraft install bla bla and more bad things they blame you for their bad plays if you are jungle why no gank bla bla you low etc.. and if you supp the ADC blames you and he can't even hit move, why no help why no heal why you was far bla bla and so on they don't like you so you get reported and they will report you for abuse even if u just said shut up and play.. anyway I heard that about 9 million new players joined so that why I guess .. Riot seems just care about selling RP.. I learned that if someone report me I should report back..
Not the same. I never flamed, or was bad or disrespectful. and only reported the people who flamed. still, thinks for the reply <3
: So in theory - if you do nothing but write nice things in chat and you keep getting reported for being "too nice", you could actually get banned? What kind of mong figured out an automated system was a good idea? This is just completely retarded. Indeed a lot of people have a lot of memories and good times associated with their account. I'd like to know the legal status of such a system tbh.
It's a shame there's no more tribunal TBH. I used to be in the tribunal. :c
Goofle (EUW)
: Nice memes. About the ban: The new system is completely automated. Riot doesn't have employees dedicated to banning accounts anymore. If too many people reported you at once and you also typed in chat, you will probably get a warning. If that happens a lot, the warning will become a time ban and eventually a permaban. Is this a good justice system? No. Is Riot greedy? Yes. Will people buy accounts after they get permabanned? Yes. Will Riot ban those accounts? No, because they can sell RP to them. So yeah, gl in your life. Time to quit League for good I'd say.
Thanks for the reply. I probably did, haven't played since the ban at all. Didn't even create a new account, too much time to level it. My account had 6 years of everything, gosh, and I had almost every champion in the game, except 13 of them. Maybe i'll come back, maybe not. I asked the support for a 1 year suspension, to set my head straight. still a no. still, I get what you are trying to say.
: I do understand your feeling, I got permabanned for 1 insult "go fk yourself" i told on someone insulting me for having feed (on 4 deaths) with a champ i wanted to try... yeah those tryharders in 5V5 which doesnt understand its not ranked... You did a bad thing by being toxic, I know this can happen with such a toxic community but Riot won't give a fk at your story :/ Sry bro, hope it will go all fine for you :) EDIT: Oh and by the way, I wish I could have your eyes :O cute cat tho :D
Thanks, I'm doing better. Didn't play the game for a week, still sad cause of the account ban. Just got a new job, went on a hiking trip alone, took a lot of pictures, felt great. I don't even want to create a new account. My 6 year dedication to that account were filled with love, feelings, and joy. I still remember my sister every day. even tho it gets me down, I am thankful for everything to her. thanks for saying what you think <3
zinxao (EUW)
: I'm riddled with anxiety and depression and had 2 accounts permabanned. Riot seem to take cue from North Korea's idea of justice rather than giving more of a chance for rehabilitation like in the developed world. Also my 2 accounts (main from 2010 then smurf from 2011) had about £500 spent on them both over the years, 20 rune pages, all champions, all runes, tons of skins and extra IP. The kicker? I didn't even flame. I just got in arguments with people who were already flaming me. Without any swearing or insults. But the talking alone (along with reports) was enough to repeatedly trigger the system. I made every effort through forums and Reddit to get attention, nothing but high horsed holier than thou preachers smugly telling me I deserved it. On contacting Riot they didn't even look into it, just said they don't reconsider permanent suspensions. This post will get downvotes and I'll maybe even get a few smug replies explaining that I'm toxic and I should stop crying and so on. I get you guys. You're the ones that ruined this community, you and your safe space snowflake environment where we're scared to utter a negative word for fear of punishment. What happened to freedom of speech and just using mute for idiots? I agree with bans for racism, threats, extreme toxicity. But Riot is taking the biscuit with the crap it bans and permabans people for. It's not justice, it's overkill x1000. And people still do all the same things, they just find subtle ways to do it so your system encourages passive aggressive behaviour, less effort in games, trolling, intentional feeding, saying sarcastic things or being snarky. But someone baits you into an argument sometimes when you're going through a bad time in your life, by insulting you and you slip up in frustration and swear at them once? Bye bye 6 year old account. I love this game but I despise Riot's overkill approach to player punishment. We look at our Western society and we frown on being too punitive, we admire the rehabilitative justice systems of countries such as those in Scandinavia, and we look down our noses at capital punishment, political executions in Russia and the East, beheadings for same sex relationships in some countries. Then Riot has the cheek to be just as punitive to players of its game by PERMANENTLY banning many, not for flaming or insulting, but for arguing/ talking too much (like in my case). I've given up on appealing my ban because Riot already made their mind up about it and that ship sailed in January or something when my appeal failed and my forum thread filled up with people telling me I was a terrible human being because I got permabanned and had the audacity to come here for support and guidance in my dark time. But good luck with your ban mate. I genuinely don't think you're a bad person, and I hope Riot see the light some day on the harmful effects of their overzealous punishment system. I'm all for banning the most toxic, but you're catching a lot of less toxic people with them...
I completely agree with you, with everything you said, it was on point. And as you said, you understand how it feels to be inthis position when you have anxiety and diagnosed depression. And I am glad you are doing better now overall. I did think if it was worth it telling the community about my story, I know there will be many that won't believeme and think this is a joke, but it's not. There are no trolls as well, and I was really scared for that TBH. "I'm all for banning the most toxic, but you're catching a lot of less toxic people with them..." - This is what they need to definitely see. My account wouldn't have survive 6-7 years if I was such a toxic person, because I wasn't. I just hope people like us get noticed. thank you for your reply <3
: Man that story is pretty BibleThump :/ i feel you buddy
It's fine. I'm just glad I'm strong enough to be here. thank you <3
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: I'm really sorry for your sister... Try to stay calm and remember that life goes on. Wish you best and good luck!
I am trying all my best. Thank you <3
hi im wee (EUNE)
: You should get a second chance. Cute cat by the way. Wish you the best
Thank you for the kind words. He has been with me for 2 years now, and I love him really much! <3
: ;-; not even a warning 1 game and alredy perm ban fck . the . tribunal
Over the 6 years, the past 6 months, were probably my warning. Since I never had a 10 chat restriction, only a 25. I know, my mental issues might have had a step here. I was not banned by the tribunal, but by the system. Thank you for your reply and the concern <3
: Sorry it had to be like that whit the ban, hope that you find happyness in your life again.
Thank you. I really appreciate it. <3
: Its funny you say you are not a bad person but you cant prove it ...!
Well, all I can say is, it depends on the person if they believe or not. Thanks for the reply <3
: You need to make your point clear when you make a thread. When I read your post I was wondering what was your goal for telling us your story. I assumed it was an attempt to get empathy from the community and an attempt to get unbanned. Those kind of threads are quite common here on the board.
Didn't know about that tbh. Thanks.
: Coudnt left without saying something.... but I dont know what to say.... ...I just hope they will give your account back, even tho it woudnt be fair...but still if I could wote, Im on your side...there is exeption for every rule I hope..and Im sure you woudnt do it again... I also hope you will feel better soon... I know my post is cheezy but I mean it... p.s. cat is adorable :)
Thank you! The fact that people took some time to even read this, means a lot me. p.s. Boogie says thanks too <3
Mepodis (EUW)
: :( I wish you all the best buddy <3
: rip. sadly riot doesnt care tho. stay strong and dont let the game bring you down, try other games, overwatch comming out soon. <3 heart
: A sad story indeed, but you have to remember that not everyone is having a happy life. I am pretty sure nearly everyone has experienced something sad in their life, and many people have some kind of health issues(even though they appear healthy on the outside) This does not give you any permission to become a douchebag to your fellow player. Riot simply cannot unban you for behavior related bans. Just think about it for a second. If they decided to unban you for this reason, what would people start to do? They will just make thousands of these threads. It is supereasy to lie on the internet. I do believe most of your story, but I do not believe the part where you got banned from only flaming your top laner. Let me tell you how the punish system works. You get a few pop-up warnings about you getting reported - > You get 10 chat restrictions - > you get 25 chat restrictions -> You get 14 days ban -> you get permanent ban To even reach the first stage(getting a pop-up warning) you have to get reported more often then you usually do. That means you need to be reported several games in a short duration of time. And you need to get through several set of punishment to even reach permanent ban. In the end it doesn't matter how you got your permanent ban. A permanent ban is the last resort, and it reflects what kind of damage you have done to others. You don't want to hear this, but Riot will never unban you. Good luck in your life though.
I never asked for an unban, notice that. and I appreciate what you said. I know what I did. the fact is, over the past 6 years, I was never toxic. It has to show you that. everything that happened to me, my depression, losing my family, I actually feel alone now. It was the hardest impact on me. Thank you for the reply.
xWolfyx (EUW)
: 6 year old account got banned. Health reasons.
Thanks for all the kind words guys. I just need some time. Going to focus on myself and figure out something. I just wish I had another chance, since life situations impact me a lot. And this account meant a lot me, not as just a game account, but the memories it had. Thank you.
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MadClown (EUNE)
: "I've been playing since alpha." Why are u only silver?
Cause I don't like ranked games as much as I do testing different builds in normals.
: >The funny part is, I know I can be toxic.....BUT. I've won so many games while aggressively telling people who to focus, and they actually said thanks to me after. Just because some people tolerate toxicity, doesn't mean others have to do the same thing. There is no need to be aggressive, there is no need to belittle something, there is no need to assume the role of "Uninvited Sensei" towards other players. But I congratulate you that you not actually challenge the validity of the ban. Most people who put their cases on the boards, usually just complain, then try to convince everyone they did nothing wrong, and end up insulting others posters. I sense hope here.
Yeah, I'm just gonna wait. I don't have one account, but this one is my main one, so it is a bit sad. I only get mad when I play ranked games, because some people don't take it seriously and forget it's ranked, and not normal. As I stated in the reply above, and used to never flame, but it just randomly came over the past year. Just gonna wait, and play again, and just not be toxic when I play and do what I did since season one till this year when the toxicity took over, just pay attention to myself and be quiet.
: I think it's better for everyone if you'd not tell people what to do in an aggressive way. I bet you lost just as many games because people just couldn't handle you critizising them. You can give people advice without insults or being rude. If you get mad, just don't get personal, stay polite. You should work on that, cause right now, you're just one punishment away from a permanent ban. I just want to make sure you realise that this is your last warning. GL;HF
Can't be. I've been playing since alpha. That account was since season 1. And please don't tell me you didn't have games where you were really mad because of your teammates. The point is. You usually lose games because of your teammates, (and no. I've won more than I lost) even if you did great. got objectives, some proper kills, you still lose LP. I wish they would credit people based on their playstyle and how they did well in a match. And I never critizise btw, and just get really tilted. I used to never flame, like completely never, but in the past year, it just started to happen.
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