Fail Flash (EUNE)
: Hextech crafting (Chests)
I'm at a perfect balance. I always have both
CodiFly (EUNE)
: Just sayin'
Dravens positive
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: why do people smurf?
I smurf. So what. I wanna play with my eune buddies as well
: Happy new year!
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Only after sales slow down, and so stop making money for Riot. Then, three consecutive patches of nerfs, min. Get ready for Sett.
Oh god oh no Sett is coming I almost forgot
Forsan (EUW)
: who uses those binds for ally camera ? I removed them
Oh yeah I'm a Shen main
MyNemahJeff (EUNE)
: Very important discussion
Forsan (EUW)
: i have it on F3 .. and on F4 I have the laugh .. which is also good
Don't you have ally champion camera on those binds?
: Toxicity
Report yourself
Add mirror champs
Luqiez (EUW)
: URF f'ing SUCKS!
Why remove it??????? just don't play it smh
: Lets talk About an Santa Ornn Skin
Ornn will be getting a Xmas skin this year. Theres no other option I think. It WILL happen (last year I was thinking the same but that was last year :P)
: Lucian Visual Update?
Vu udyr or luc Id go with udyr
: What did you get as your legendary skin?
Pulsefire cait. Id rather get groovy zilean
xarisboss (EUW)
: Why riot doesnot give our money back after permaban?
People who have multiple arguments against this be like *insert the meme "weeb pushing up his glasses with shining lenses"* Also "aw sh't here we go again"
Arsene (EUNE)
: Thats kind of dumb, what if he comes over to my house to play the game with me, are we just stuck with my account? Or if anyone else comes over?
Be careful. My friend got shot by a riot sniper for allowing me to play a match on his acc
Rioter Comments
Shamose (EUW)
: So how will I be able to call nasus a dog champion and immerse myself in him by only saying woof?
Ikr I like to immersively roleplay with nasus by only saying woof
LaggBoss (EUW)
: John Wick Champion
Voice lines: * we've got a city to burn* * consider this profesional courtesy* * you're breathtaking! *
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: What the hell?! How is that possible
Just use your imagination to think you got those and proceed to lie to everyone about how lucky you are
Domazazzzzz (EUNE)
: Victorious skin for season 9 end
I hate this piece of a champ but I think it could be Jax
: (Daily Mission 3) Masterwork Chest is a major scam.
Man that's bad luck. I got Elementalist Lux + a regular chest with a key From the regular chest I got pulsefire ezreal + a gemstone Hope you're lucky next time
: Every time I tell the truth to someone about their playstyle, I get chat restricted
: shouldnt?
No, should (one spin adds 2x stacks now)
Gόld (EUW)
: well, it's not mute but, you can declare your role then drag league window until the chat is hidden
I see you're not the only one blessed with knowledge
: give ornn a victorious^^
Ornn+skin don't go well
: What are you scared of ? :o
Idk boogeyman or smth
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Is making fun of the holocaust a permanent ban without a warning?
: only female champs featured in "phoenix" music video?
Knowibg riot they would NEVER put a champ like zilean in sucha video... :(
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Which Varus skin should I choose?
Forte (EUNE)
: YOU AGAIN xD Just out of curiosity, what do you want the rp for?
: > [{quoted}](name=sbepi,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zOVrnrWr,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-09-25T07:57:01.255+0000) > > > > u will not even see him grabbing u, he just grab u from his home > the last grab of this video is like...ok alt f4 As i wrote, those who usually get stomped by Blitz use to put themselves in situations in which they would get 100% hooked anyway (and i'll add, usually at waaaaay less range than max). get it.
Vandiril posted that these grabs arent possible anymore. The lollipop or smth was changed by riot
: "Don't die before 7 mins"
**Minute seven hits** Ally Ni🅱️🅱️as {{champion:20}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:1}} {{item:3693}}
: Why do you smurf?
I need an account for eune too
: That would be actually pretty good mechanic (Lux's W) tbh. But it would require her to gain some MS using W or having much higher shield values. It would actually make her think about using this spell. Also, make Ornn's R and W instantly kill all Freljord champions
Make it so that officer and riot skins oneshot lucian and ekko
: And I won the Gold promos with Rengar support{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
HavickPT (EUW)
: can riot make other anthro animal champion please?
: Hextech Renekton from a chest.
Random. What can I say
: I don't think you understand what pay2win means. And yes, eternals cost money. However you can get basic eternals for blue essence when the BE emporium opens up every half year or so. However eternals have no impact on the actual gameplay and buying one does not give you any kind of advantage, so they're really just shit you can spend money on if you've got nothing better to use it for and would like to have some nice stat trackers in game.
There are some pop up achievments in game that everyone sees. Since they're not muteable it distracts people.
: ok so i got this cool crazy idea
Nolfinisko (EUNE)
: Zilean Jank Build
Holy shiet nice idea
: NEW GAMEMODE FOR 5 MAN PREMADE - Called "Anti-fun, quick, fast, speed, steal game"
Wow this mode tastes like exactly what I wanted when I quit League of Legends in the summer of 2013. I was a young person then, confused but enjoying nothing of League. Time passed and I grew tired of the same old game mode where I had to work with my "ENEMY TEAM" and help each other get kills, I hate it. It's not for me. After seeing your post my love for League of Legends has been raped and I want to put this gamemode to the test! Ekko is one of my favorite %%%%%s, I would describe him as hectic, quick and an overall time disaster. I will be picking EKko in the "Anti-fun, quick, fast, speed, steal game". Please let me know if you would like to join me on this adventure as I am licking friends but would love to try this old mode. Thank you for taking the money to read my post, I will keep it updated with an in-depth review when I play it. %%%% you. Homie {{champion:245}}
: The truth about Twisted Treeline
If removing TT means we will get PvE and rotating modes back I'm down for removing it
: Riot doesnt care about us anymore...
"We don't have the resources to bring RGM back"
: 29th august it says that in the patch notes. All skins are released the day after the patch is released.
Aaaaand Rito pushed the release date to 5th of September {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Βismarck (EUNE)
: Rito robbed Graves out of his cigar again (on the new collection page at least)
Ugh they probably updated the champion page because of ethernals.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Kayn is a fun champ
I have an oddysey kayn skin shard which I coincidentally got last year oddysey event (best event ever). Tho haven't even tried kayn out.
Reverse (EUW)
: League of Legends is the best game ever
The best thing is that... there is around 150 champs!!!!
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