Orjatson (EUW)
: Hi! what role do you play?
I play jungle and top.
Orjatson (EUW)
: Need Plat+ Players for a team!
Im quite interested.
Dexoii (EUW)
: Looking for someone to coach me :)
Hey the discord you left is not working. AlienArm#4339
: lmao funny how your friend went from hardstuck gold5 to plat1 in less than a month. Same with your account. Wouldn't be surprised if you guys get banned for toxicity too with that mindset.
well the accounts actually decay once they are above plat. I stopped playing on that smurf for a very long time (it was my main at the time) and i started a blank account and actually got a lot better. From hardstuck plat 5 to dia 2 in i think around 2-3 months time. Also switched role from top to jungle. What mindset do we have??? And what does mindset have to do with toxicity or getting banned? 1st of all it is against the boards rules to shame people based on rank. Second of all dont you think youre quite the hypocrite blaming me for being toxic while you are spewing hate right now? Yes i was a bad top laner. Yes i was hardstuck plat 5. So what?? I can find you atleast 10 posts in the last 48 hours which are D smurf looking for duo to smurf together. Its nothing new under the sun. Just because you got to diamond does not means that you immediately get good at every champion in the game. I got to diamond thx to my rammus and camille jungle and kayle top. I play every other champion / role at a lower lvl and im not that good. Its something that many people dont realise. Different divisions are not that far from one another. Ive seen people in gold who play better than some in diamond. Including myself. Happens...
: Looking for duo partner plat 5-3
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} AlienArm#4339
: Just because you friend had a booster use fiora to help you win those games doesn't mean the lux was to blame for losing that game. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=phdflopper http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=xarlii {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} PS you forgot to censor the nautilus name in your link.
Im not hiding shit xD Its just against the rules to show summoner names- its consiidered naming and shaming - if you have anything against it go complain to riot . We`ve been playing duo for quite a long time with fiora. Hes master tier, im d2. As far as i know smurfing is not against the riot rules. Neither is duoq. So whats the deal?
Rëtärd (EUW)
: i am gay {{champion:105}}
Cool, im glad for you.
: You LITTERLY said "Ye the lux support was actually bad and lost us the game." and now you're asking me what you're blaiming lux for? Dude... And also, ofcourse it's good that you're denying vision, but, when you have the sweeping lens, you're still allowed to buy control wards, which you didn't. And there's no excuse for that. Also, if warding was a problem (quote: 'I didnt say warding isnt a problem i said its not WHY we lost in the first place."), its also why you lost. So its also because of the warding, which might've won you the game if you did it better.
Because she WAS bad and DID lose us the game ;D. facts =/= blaming. Also i suggest you find another hoby other than nitpicking posts during your challenger queue wait times.
: 1. There is no such tactic where you place 0 wards, that's honestly the most stupid thing I've heard about league in weeks. 2. You're saying warding wasnt the problem, I'ma tell you, it was. If you don't place wards you don't get vision, and you're not able to make plays. 100% agree with hu pflung poo, don't blaim the lux.
1. I didnt say warding isnt a problem i said its not WHY we lost in the first place. 2. Vision control is more than - i place wards im good. For objective play and assassinations its much better to DENY vision than to gain, especially when youre playing in elo lower than the one youre used to. 3. Why the %%%% are you arguing with me? What did i "blame" the lux for? all i did was answer a guy asking a question. I dont think its normal for a player especially above silver, playing on the supp role to not have a ward item. If you think its a viable tactic to be playing support and not have it unlocked by 35 mins PLEASE give me your thoughs on why.
: Maybe ward yourself is the lesson here {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} 1. warding was not why we lost the game, even tho it was a hindrance 2. I am playing with a duo and we have a tactic.Denying vision was / is my job and my playstyle. Giving that we have 88% winrate and won 15 out of 17 games in low dia id say we are doing quite well. 3. When the enemy has a good support who provides good vision and we dont have the difference is obvious, since its not bronze silver or gold where you can make up for the mistakes of your teammates. 4. I was just answering BLUESTR`s question, but i am thankful for all the challenger players who coached me on the boards.
: says the plat 3 kindred jungler who never placed a ward himself in the whole game, but just cleared 3. gg. pick your own nose before you blame others. But ye right, Lux supp without full trinket and no oracle lens is bad
Ye the lux support was actually bad and lost us the game. https://imgur.com/a/E8Th352 i dont really need other peoples opinions to feel good about myself but thanks. Also youre breaking the boards rules.
: Should we expect it in the next patch?
Its an old riot meme. Remember it took them like 5 years to add a spinning circle to the loading screen. It was a neat idea. Replays were also neat idea - 7 years. Just like the neat idea of sandbox / practise tool - also 7 years.
ArtiusZ (EUW)
: Surprised the pros didn't talk about the sneaky ward spot top left of the wall outside the baron pit so you can see anyone entering the baron pit and no one sweeps that spot. Also a good spot when you're a top laner red side
It gets sweeped now since they buffed the range of the sweeper. It was a good spot before because the sweeper had smaller range and nobody bothered with it.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Is this article gonna teach auto filled players to actually buy support items?
https://imgur.com/a/kVP4GIf 35 min game. lux support without a ward item. Diamond 5 elo. All i have to say.
: yeah the towers are way to weak right now and new akali's shroud is...actually a stupid move. i could understand if it was a disengage, so when you use it the tower "loses sight" of you and stops attacking (like fizz's jump but not with a cooldown as %%%%%%ed as that one) but if you attack again then the tower sees you and starts attacking. Towers are supposed to be objectives you have to plan well to take down, releasing champions that can bypass them like that is a really bad idea. What's next, a champion that doesn't need gold to buy items?
We actually have that in a rune already :) Hello Future Market.
: So let's get some feedback for the team. I can't fix it but I can definitely share the concerns. So if towers are not in a good place right now what is the core problem and how should it be addressed in your opinion?
I would say give turrets better agro tables. If something damages you turrets need to switch targets fast. If the enemy lands the killing blow turrets have to start attacking the enemy champ who killed you (right now they dont). Make towers automatically switch agro to champion during the first 5 minutes when they have their "shield". This will make early game a bit safer and will slow down the snowballing by a bit without damaging it too much. Right now after a good jungler gank you can still damage the turret quite heavily even tho it has a shield. Alternatively give turrets "sticky" autos where once you get a turret agro you will keep it, even if you drop it with a spell, add assists towards turret agro tables, e.g If enemy top + jungle dives you, jungler takes turret agro tanks few shots at the edge of tower range and then leaves the tower should automatically start attacking the target that killed you / helped get you killed. This change should only work for the first 5-10 mins again. (i dont really like this idea but it will still help a bit) Any of the above will reduce snowballing, make turrets feel stronger and probably not break the game or go back to changes that we already had (example - the attack speed buff some1 suggested, which we had in the form of "laser turrets") As you can see from my post i dont think turrets are "weak" but they feel "dumb" As we are already in season 7 lots of players are really good at the game already and they can manipulate turret aggro too well. And thats why turrets feel "weak" They actually hurt a ton but are really dumb xD. Sorry for the wall of text, hope somebody reads it and gives their opinion.
: The ranking needs a rework on player placement. Cause most my streaks I play vs people of way higher skill than my teammates. Which is too obvious while watching.
Like ive already said few times: Nothing against new / unskilled players / players who dont have time to play. But sometimes those players buy boosts and end up in diamond elo. Which is... ugh ...
: Because I started abusing adc. before that when i played only Kat and supports I couldnt win amd had bad scores as they dont fit in this stupid AD meta anymore... So I do fit in your number, both with my bad luck and my off meta plays.
i AM looking at exactly those games. The worst loss streak i could find in your games was when you were playing poppy and even then you were performing on average way better than a boosted player. And lets say that somehow you would infact qualify for my proposition. Why is that a bad thing? Why is it offensive to you? Ranked is there to measure skill. Some days you perform better some days you dont. But in general if youre a gold player in bronze eventually you climb out. And if youre a bronze player in diamond eventually you fall down. All im suggesting is we make the climb down a bit faster + 24 hours ranked ban so you wont be able to get your account to bronze 5 just because you have a bad day or whatever.
: Then how will you explain my luck turn and me gaining twice the lp back? Your comment is offensive and toxic.
I didnt meant you specifically. Just any player who loses 10 games in a row with scores 0/10/0 or anything like that should decay down the ladder faster. Going through your match history i could not find even one game that fits the criteria above mentioned by me.
: I had 10 plus lost in a row with shtty scores, with off meta picks, does this make me ban worthy ? Cause I magically made tons of wins later when I started playing my worse aka ADC... -.-
If you get more than 10 games with shity score you should get a 24 hours ranked ban and -150 LP. Repeat until the player is in the correct elo / starts winning.
: bronze smurfing - PLAT + ONLY
ive got few accs in silver, we could duo cause i wanna get them higher
: Well your main focus when you're in-game is to win the game, not to add friends... That's why you can add them in the end, even the people who just played with/against you.
no way to win the game while in loading screen
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xarlii (EUW)
: Seeking duo partner around plat
Contact points: In game - Xarlii / AlienArm / BG653 / Qdog Email - shacxd@gmail.com / shacxd@abv.bg skype: lamarin.lamarinkov discord: @AlienArm#4339 phone number: 0884050234 you can use whatever the fck you want :D I got quite serious about climbing.
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Damzthe15 (EUW)
: League Uses Up Too much Mobile Data Now
Well ive been playing on mobile data with a friend of mine ( ranked matches tho ) and it consumes like max 100mb, sometimes if they are shorter games even less ~50
DaeHyunn (EUW)
: HeartBreakers Looking for an Support!
Why is this getting downvoted xD?
: [8.3] Quin Passive löst nicht aus
Stupid as it is this isnt really considered bug. As a quinn one-trick this shit was here ever since quinn was released
: [Gameplay] Emotes still don't work - it's like 5 months already
you have to equip them frist from Collection > emotes > put shit in the wheel > they appear in game.
: I'm having this exact issue now alongside everyone else who's in my game. 15-20k ping and constant disconnects. Can't do anything and it's minions slowly ending the game.
What we did was waiting for the moments where the ping was normal and just set up a huge wave of minions so they could push. And later on we got baron. Try to click auto attack down the lane with your champ and hope that it works a few times, you WILL get LP if you win.
: It's probably going to get canceled anyway with a +0IP at the end.
Game ended got like 21 or 22 LP from it. Counted in my OP.gg too
: You're probably going to get a "ghost game" at the end, good luck.
We are actually in game, we just keep disconnecting ( with trying to reconnect always circling ). It never got to a point where i got out of game and got the "reconnect" button so i doubt its a ghost game.
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: Looking for a platinium top laner
Im interested. At work right now will add you tonight .
: You have that classic mindset of _"I'm stuck in X because of my teammates"_... Blaming is lame, and the last person who's going to benefit from it is yourself. You won't get better at the game, and you're going to have a miserable time whenever you play. That's not the fault of your teammates, let alone Riot's. You simply have an unhealthy attitude. --- Fact is, your teammates and enemies have about the same skill as you do. If all 4 of your teammates suck, all 5 of the enemies suck. This means you win games by sheer statistic, unless...
Youre somewhat correct. Altho just because we are of the same skill lvl does not means that we all play our best or that all players in the same game are doing their best to win the said game.
: I had accounts with girl names in it for multiple MMOs (including one of my old EUW accounts) and I can vouche for it, you're talking out of your arse. In fact my duo back then used to call me honnie all the time as a joke while we were chatting (and I was support main also to top it off) and I never once got that treatment. You all really think she's that innocent lol.. white knights will be white knights, you might as well turn into monks, like Lee Sin.
Ive played blonde female bloodelf (holy pala ) in wow since forever which female names like Josephine for example. No1 ever said anything to me. Was also support main for quite awhile ( 2-3 seasons) again havent seen anything wrong.
Lorcster (EUW)
: ADC looking for duo partner to climb from S1
In game right now gonna add you after
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: 2018 no more league for me here why
If you dont want toxic players just play normals.
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: Platinum V Thresh Main searching for a new DuoQ buddy! (ADC) in Ranked Solo/Duo (Long post)
Hello there mate, ive read your post but im in game right now. Would love to duoq with you. Will add you after the game
: if i do something wrong point it out and help but dont be an asshole about it is all i ask
Hm yeah of course, its just that i have some experience where ive played with worse players ( around gold ) when i told them that their build was bad they didnt even listened and just raged at me thats what i mean :)
: bronze 3 supp looking for adc main
I got a smurf acc we can play if youre looking to improve. Not gonna tolerate the "i do everything right" mentality doe.
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: "ditched" dude went nasus with kleptomancy in turnament game was useless af and didnt even cominicated . dont play with this guy.
Youre even toxic on the forums. Its just a game. Move on with your life. You got invited to a club thats chill and looking to have fun playing together, not to tryhard on maximum every single game. Also when you get flamed from champion select by your teammates you dont really feel like communicating with them.
50gforBF (EUW)
: what happened xd
Was playing top lane for them, they got too toxic and i ditched them
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