: You must be one toxic person to receive a permaban really. No sympathy.
Here are the chat logs, take your conclusions. Chat logs: Game 1 xcaroutx: ialloi carefull early game xcaroutx: yasuo ignite xcaroutx: ty xcaroutx: oh xcaroutx: renekton top xcaroutx: didnt see xcaroutx: xDD xcaroutx: rest in peperonis xcaroutx: karma xcaroutx: thanks bro xcaroutx: u shield urself xcaroutx: WELL Y xcaroutx: gg i gank and u stay farming xcaroutx: oh wait no xcaroutx: u did perfect xcaroutx: u shield urself xcaroutx: u dont help xcaroutx: u did perfect man xcaroutx: keep going xcaroutx: im just saying xcaroutx: how good u did xcaroutx: really good xcaroutx: i suck right karma? xcaroutx: jeez guys xcaroutx: i cant be everywhere xcaroutx: ez heal xcaroutx: u 0 wards xcaroutx: he has wards xcaroutx: and yet xcaroutx: u dont ward xcaroutx: see xcaroutx: he has pink xcaroutx: ok xcaroutx: all lanes losing xcaroutx: u solo lost bot xcaroutx: sure xcaroutx: fuck me xcaroutx: 0-4 xcaroutx: 0-4 xcaroutx: 0-3 xcaroutx: 0-2 xcaroutx: fuck me xcaroutx: yea xcaroutx: he was in 5 kills xcaroutx: 5/13 xcaroutx: i was in 4/4 xcaroutx: i'll change my name to 1x9 xcaroutx: -- xcaroutx: -_ xcaroutx: -- xcaroutx: the feed is real xcaroutx: and what annoys me xcaroutx: is that they blame me xcaroutx: every1 is just flaming xcaroutx: no xcaroutx: but i was in 6/6 kills xcaroutx: and every1 just blame me xcaroutx: and flame me xcaroutx: i was helping mid xcaroutx: then bot xcaroutx: if i carry this u guys will have to gift me hard xcaroutx: xD xcaroutx: 9/9 xcaroutx: lol xcaroutx: wo xcaroutx: wow xcaroutx: u guys xcaroutx: did 1 kill xcaroutx: without me xcaroutx: NICE xcaroutx: GOOD JOB xcaroutx: yes xcaroutx: velkoz isnanly fed xcaroutx: and velkoz xcaroutx: renekton dmg is kinda normal xcaroutx: lol xcaroutx: jeezus xcaroutx: teh velkoz dmg xcaroutx: is retarded xcaroutx: wtf xcaroutx: red > drake xcaroutx: to ialloi xcaroutx: ok xcaroutx: i xcaroutx: im sick of this xcaroutx: ialloi xcaroutx: go defend xcaroutx: illaoi xcaroutx: fast xcaroutx: smite on cd xcaroutx: from baron xcaroutx: just got it xcaroutx: faster? xcaroutx: and had no vision of lee xcaroutx: gg xcaroutx: still want to falme me team? xcaroutx: ok xcaroutx: gj guys xcaroutx: :) xcaroutx: couldnt do it without you xcaroutx: it's ok xcaroutx: i can bd xcaroutx: i can 1shot velko xcaroutx: and bd xcaroutx: i killed velkoz and ez xcaroutx: more plz xcaroutx: 3 ults on me xcaroutx: -- xcaroutx: lee and renek and vel xcaroutx: gg wp xcaroutx: u lost the game xcaroutx: 25seconds xcaroutx: just xcaroutx: wtf xcaroutx: fuck you xcaroutx: i carried 1x9 so far xcaroutx: lee just ult me all time xcaroutx: and yasuo ult xcaroutx: and i cant move xcaroutx: and i'm the1 carryin xcaroutx: rip 5th drake xcaroutx: jsut let it xcaroutx: nop xcaroutx: we can win xcaroutx: just dont force fight xcaroutx: i will backdoor xcaroutx: just defend xcaroutx: dont let themr ecall xcaroutx: wait xcaroutx: 1 shoted xcaroutx: loool xcaroutx: 1 shoted xcaroutx: lol xcaroutx: just 1 xcaroutx: 26/34 kills xcaroutx: i guess im just stuipid xcaroutx: should have backdoored now xcaroutx: fuck xcaroutx: drake 50sec xcaroutx: if they go all drake xcaroutx: u fight them xcaroutx: and i backdoor xcaroutx: ok? xcaroutx: just dont let them recall xcaroutx: u can all die xcaroutx: since i end the game xcaroutx: ok? xcaroutx: all agree? xcaroutx: it's easy xcaroutx: if they go 5 to drake xcaroutx: i end xcaroutx: renekton xcaroutx: is in their base xcaroutx: LOL xcaroutx: YASUO Q 1K DMG Game 2 xcaroutx: trynda no ignite xcaroutx: makes sense xcaroutx: so lucky xcaroutx: WTF xcaroutx: guys xcaroutx: trynda crit 316 xcaroutx: at level 7 xcaroutx: can u explain? xcaroutx: trynda kills me > i kill him > trynda kills me > i kil him xcaroutx: ok xcaroutx: lee xcaroutx: really? xcaroutx: more plz xcaroutx: lee 5 ganks xcaroutx: well xcaroutx: lee 6 ganks xcaroutx: in 2 min xcaroutx: maybe help? xcaroutx: i am xcaroutx: need 100g xcaroutx: why not let me jung :( xcaroutx: ahahah xcaroutx: y xcaroutx: well xcaroutx: for real xcaroutx: 1hp lee xcaroutx: 200hp trynda xcaroutx: true xcaroutx: but i'm big u know? xcaroutx: if i get u alone xcaroutx: bad things will happen xcaroutx: <3 xcaroutx: no sorry xcaroutx: :P xcaroutx: :D xcaroutx: CMON AGAIN xcaroutx: 10HP xcaroutx: ahahah xcaroutx: i did xcaroutx: no vision :P xcaroutx: w/e xcaroutx: shut up plz we didnt lose yet cause of me xcaroutx: 12/14 kills are mine xcaroutx: the drake we have was my call xcaroutx: wanna talk? xcaroutx: dude shut up xcaroutx: u're sucking not my bad xcaroutx: y i over extend sometimes xcaroutx: THANKS xcaroutx: FUCKING xcaroutx: THANJKS xcaroutx: THANKS xcaroutx: report nami xcaroutx: literally kills me xcaroutx: why no protect me for cait ult? xcaroutx: jeezus xcaroutx: u're bronze or silver? xcaroutx: idk anymore i swar xcaroutx: ´sure xcaroutx: nah xcaroutx: they were fed already xcaroutx: elise xcaroutx: u go human form first xcaroutx: and after go spider xcaroutx: y xcaroutx: cause im buying rabadons right? xcaroutx: ok xcaroutx: i buy armor = annie deletes me xcaroutx: -_- xcaroutx: ^^ xcaroutx: you are preety fed ^^ xcaroutx: jajajaja xcaroutx: lux xcaroutx: u tilting me damn hard xcaroutx: just so u know xcaroutx: since my 6th dead xcaroutx: u hard tilting me xcaroutx: ok annie xcaroutx: ur dmg is getting pretty ridiculous xcaroutx: it hurts my feelings :'( xcaroutx: i swear by god i won't even touch u xcaroutx: u're such a pretty girl - xcaroutx: i'd never touch you xcaroutx: but can i touch u then? xcaroutx: ^^^ xcaroutx: u hurted me xcaroutx: that tibbers xcaroutx: also hitted me xcaroutx: :( xcaroutx: xD xcaroutx: annie flashes 24 times and ends gg xcaroutx: plz report lux hard flame me xcaroutx: she tilted me so hard since my 6th dead xcaroutx: ofc i'll overextend and do stupid things if u tilt me....... xcaroutx: toxic lux Game 3 xcaroutx: wanted to start red tho xcaroutx: could smite xcaroutx: and steal it xcaroutx: but ok xcaroutx: no xcaroutx: i didnt get yasuo xcaroutx: just gragas xcaroutx: no xcaroutx: :( xcaroutx: but could be harder xcaroutx: ap rengo? xcaroutx: Kappa xcaroutx: fail the stun xcaroutx: hit the slow xcaroutx: -_- xcaroutx: he's lying xcaroutx: i don't have that lette on my keyboad xcaroutx: dive top? xcaroutx: y xcaroutx: i hate cowards xcaroutx: 10sec ult xcaroutx: 5 xcaroutx: vayne 4-0 xcaroutx: '-' xcaroutx: cmon boys xcaroutx: wait for me xcaroutx: OK xcaroutx: yasuo f 19.15 xcaroutx: bot cmon xcaroutx: sure u lose lane cause gragas xcaroutx: ofc xcaroutx: i'm such a nice kitty xcaroutx: why kill me xcaroutx: ´:( xcaroutx: no xcaroutx: ok xcaroutx: blue > mid xcaroutx: was good xcaroutx: :) xcaroutx: 50ms and laggy sometimes xcaroutx: any1 else? xcaroutx: it must be the server xcaroutx: i've 50ms xcaroutx: 45-50 xcaroutx: naut xcaroutx: engage? xcaroutx: lucian u can get blue now xcaroutx: i got 39% cdr already xcaroutx: i need b xcaroutx: why fight without me xcaroutx: -- xcaroutx: wow the cc xcaroutx: was wroth xcaroutx: protectd the tower xcaroutx: i went in xcaroutx: y xcaroutx: mid inib xcaroutx: fast xcaroutx: baron xcaroutx: barn xcaroutx: ok lcuain recall xcaroutx: nvm xcaroutx: ending xcaroutx: need this for next fight xcaroutx: bye xcaroutx: report lucian some mad kid xcaroutx: like u do the difference xcaroutx: rofl xcaroutx: we win without him akali xcaroutx: just ignore him xcaroutx: and report in end xcaroutx: i guarantee u akali xcaroutx: we win this xcaroutx: without him xcaroutx: now mute him xcaroutx: and report in end xcaroutx: talking to him wont help xcaroutx: just ignore him xcaroutx: plz report lucian in end xcaroutx: no1 flamed lucian xcaroutx: he just afk xcaroutx: get drag xcaroutx: take red xcaroutx: and play xcaroutx: gg wp report lucian xcaroutx: naut xcaroutx: tank? xcaroutx: gg wp xcaroutx: report lucian
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Smerk (EUW)
: You can't say that you are rarely toxic after you received 4 punishments in a row for negative behaviour
not in a row, 3-4months between the 14 day and the perma ban.. there could be somethnig to lower my toxicity level ... i mean if some1 improve their behaviour and just have 1 bad day is perma banned because almost half an year ago he was toxic...
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Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
what's riot email?
Eveninn (EUW)
: hmkay... *~~crawls into your bed~~*
I agree. ~~Enters in bed~~
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: I didnt say that, i cant possible know if you actully deserve the punishment or not. I was trying to help you. Sorry if i offended you that was not my intendion.
just mad cause it's like a perma chat ban -_-
: Elo Boosters
Got 3 adding me per day.. some help would be nice yeah.. But it probably isn't easy to stop :P
α β γ (EUW)
: inb4, Riot Lyte comes, "owh, ive looked and ive seen your behaviour. this is behaviour is not acceptable and you will be banned permanently.{{summoner:11}}
: As stated you dont get a warning for every rapport and since you been punished before you wont get them in time to not be punished again. You probably get chatbans because of you dont consider the same things to be toxic as the rest of the Community. So you need to learn what is ok to say in the chat.
> [{quoted}](name=themackattack,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=NMmKzNHU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-04-03T19:21:55.263+0000) > > As stated you dont get a warning for every rapport and since you been punished before you wont get them in time to not be punished again. > > You probably get chatbans because of you dont consider the same things to be toxic as the rest of the Community. So you need to learn what is ok to say in the chat. I barely talk in chat and i deserve chat restrict rofl
Kageryu (EUW)
: > i didnt got reported once This is a lie. No one gets notified if he gets reported or not.
Well anyway if I haven't been flaming and instead i've been helping my team then why would i get reported?
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won't work for one reason, the top lane of one team will be against bot lane of one team will have a disadvantage.. while the other 2 teams have top vs top and bot vs bot Also there's no drake or baron...


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