: That does indeed seem strange... Have you tried contacting support about this ? After all, this is about them potentially earning money, so what are they there for if not something like this ?
I tried to report a bug, but the "bug report" was freakin bugged 5days ago, so i've made this. {{item:3070}}
JustClone (EUNE)
: I own astro teemo. It is very nice. The floating animations are very good. I own the quinn skin as well. Nothing super fancy about it, but reminds me of the nords in skyrim... Or ard skellige in witcher 3... The pig skin is nice too. But they buffed AP sej 3 times, and it is still UTTER TRASH. Very good utility as tank, but as ap... It is not the monster that it was once... even ap shiv does more work now...
The problem is not about the skins, but the prices i'm given. They are cheaper in the shop, than here with the "discount". Mecha Kha'zix is 1350, and im offered to buy it for 1784 Astro Teemo is 1350, and im offered 1354 and so on.
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