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: You cared enough to comment :D
no, i saw someone on the boards making himself look pathetic so to save him from humiliation i thought i'd tell him nobody cares as i said, nobody cares about the post
: Terrible day xD
we don't care
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Infernape (EUW)
: ADC mains really do complain a lot.
If you mained ADC atm, you'd know why.... Weakest they have ever been, most ADC mains just don't play it anymore until they reach mid dia
Perilum (EUW)
: All this people and you have something in common. They think 100% crit builds and whining are the way to go. Season 6 is over. Adapt to Season 7. You get dived? Wave clear is your friend. Build the proper item for it or pick a champ with wave clear. You get jumped and die? Build a Bruiser Item to have more utility to kite and survive the burst. Here are your new friends. Pick them wise. Wait until LCS and see how they solve your problems, if you don't trust the low Elo scrub. {{item:3153}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3142}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:133}} Beside that you spam this thread. It's the 3rd time now I see the exact same thread.
Oh, and , 100% crit builds ARE the way to go. That's precisley one of the biggest problems, every item you reccomend to build is pretty garbage. Ghostblade got nerfed several patches in a row and can't be built on anyone anymore, BOTRK is SITUTATIONAL and even pretty bad at that, Mallet isn't core on ADC, niether is Hurricane or Cleaver... you can't just pick out strong items and build them on every champion. You also don't seem to understand what the problem with ADC is... Why do you think Challengers are starting to play Ziggs and Cassiopea in replacement of the marksman role?
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Perilum (EUW)
: I had no problem against her so far. Yes it's annoying when you've to gank her. But that's how she was designed. She is like Fiora. Fighting and juking. Her damage is okay as well. And her shield is also not so problematic. She is pretty front loaded. So disengage from the initiation and go back in. Then she lose all her relevant power. Anyway the only "nerf" I would like to see is, that you can hard CC her during her E. Because every time I throw my Bola or Dash as Sejuani, she gets stunned or knocked up, but still reaches her destination point. Other champs get CC'd mid air with similiar mechanics. Like Lee for example.
Damage is okay? You mean halfhitting with auto attacks?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: and Urgot, right?
eggs are cute all riot employees DatSheffy 7 torpedosheep and Shiwah for promotion 2k16
: Ban all the toxic players :x {{champion:202}}
I've already been banned. I just make new accounts or buy them.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
WHAT THE FUCK IS UP shiwah, I found you again Could you congratulate me on my 31st perma? Would you like to read my chatlogs?
warwiller (EUNE)
: That's jus your opinion just cus I said something doesn't mean you can say I don't understand seriousness what if i do understand seriousness what would you say then you can't jus say something and expect it to be true you can't expect everyone to believe everything you say just cus you said it.
not only is half your sentence incoherent, but no it's not a fucking opinon lmao
kiksenx (EUNE)
: [suggestion] How about allowing EUNE players to transfer to EUW for free?
just as much toxicity in EUW as every other region.... trasnferring doesn't affect shit
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
heya shiwah i found you, wanna argue about why its okay to be toxic? ( it's armakar )
: I'm intrigued. Tell me more about your threads. What do you post that's so ridiculously offensive? I sometimes get my posts banned, but only because my humour often isn't received as well as I'd hoped. I never did anything grossly offensive or in ill taste but it still gets taken off because it's against Riot's agenda. So let's hear it, spit it out, what's your game?
Idk, I just post contrevsial stuff and whne people argue with me I offend them. Recent ban was because I told someone to fuck off because they were complaining about getting tanks in aram xd
GLurch (EUW)
: First off, I don't think Volunteers hold more power than a Rioter or the power to do anything against actions Riot has taken against you. Now, I also don't think they will undo the punishments you got. In almost every case the punishments given out are justified and in your case probably too. And here something I want to ask you: Do you still have fun playing this game? This is your 30th permanently banned account and I guess by now you no longer have fun playing this game. At most, you might have fun seeing other people suffer. But ask yourself: Are *you* suffering? Is it still worth playing this game? Should you move on and play another game or do something else with your free time? Has this game maybe even taken more of your time than just your free time? How is it affecting your life? Please, I am not trying to make fun of you or anything, just seriously ask yourself those questions and think about the best possible solution for you and your future. If you want to keep doing this, that is okay, but I just want you to be aware of what you might not be aware of.
Ofc I still have fun in this game. Most fun I have is bieng reported for scripting when I play vayne and dodge everything, and dumping on kids left and right with my 80% winrate. Yup, I Should play this in my spare time, because the culture in my town is " get wasted, do drugs and go to clubs " no really my style
warwiller (EUNE)
: That's jus your opinion just cus you said that flaming is not good doesn't mean everyone should believe it people have their own opinions, just cus you have your own opinion doesn't mean everyone else has to have that opinion as well.
sigh someone doesn't understand seriousness
Rismosch (EUW)
: > NEVER reform NEVER stop flaming NEVER stop trolling Well, then you simply don't deserve help. There are rules. And those who don't follow get punished.
it's sarcastic, i just like talking to Shiwah bc he doesn't babyrage at me like veryone else on this forum xd
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: I feel your pain man ;) {{summoner:31}}
Perilum (EUW)
: If you're unable to carry a Gold game as a Diamond ADC, then you're the problem. Adapt to Season 7. Season 6 is over. Beside that ADCs are in a sweet spot.
I'm the problem? I disagree. I find the problem to be more that ADC is immensely hard to solocarry as at the minute. I mean, I played 3 games of jungler after a 5 game ADC loss streak. I won all 3. I haven't played jungle in months, and I've mained ADC for years. I'm a FAR better ADC then jungler. That says a lot, doesn't it? When you bump the MMR to plat 1 +, my winrate is 70%. Says a lot... ADCS are in a sweetspot? Evaluate please : QSS Nerfed, Steraks nerfed, Lifsteal in general nerfed, ADC masteries like Fervor nerfed, ADC buildpaths like Ghostblade nerfed, individual nerfs to almost ALL ADCs (sivir, luci, cait, jinx, kog) Buffs to biggest ADC counters (tanks, assassins and jungle pressure bumped up a lot) You must be about to spit some real knowledge here if you think you know more then LCS players
Perilum (EUW)
: This is 5v5 game and not 1v5. The ADC has a support for a reason. Please stop making a new thread about that topic every 3 days.
Did you ever consider there is a reason I make threads? Sigh.. I guess i'll repeat myself. Yes, the game isa 5v5 and yes an ADC has a support for a reason.. because they are ridiculously weak without a good team. So, if you get a bad team and a support who doesn't know how to peel. you are pretty useless vs colossus tanks and assassins. That's why I complain. Why should I die to a 5k hp sion with a 4k hp shield because someone else didn't do their role?
: > [{quoted}](name=xilien,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zBE4TE84,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-12T13:19:58.667+0000) > > Read the first line and the first line only. > > > Answer this, is Rekkles delusional? You know, the guy who has won multiple LCS titles, has been in the top 4 team in the world, has won several tournemants and plays for the most reputable team in EU.. is that guy delusional? > > I think not. yes. rekkles is very delusional. ADCs in general are very delusional. they somehow believe that their role is weak, but cant come up with a half decent explanation as to why its mandatory in any competitive game 100% of the time regardless of their perceived weaknesses. seriously, ADCs are the only class with any siege power. and since taking down objectives is about 90% of this game and the point of the game overall, the fact that they are the best ones at doing that one thing makes them supremely OP. wanna make them more balanced, make everyones AA damage to structures scale off their main stat, then buff ADCs to make up for the difference in power. but you would hate that because now if your class isnt massively op like it is now, it wont even be picked at all. LOL. GG.
I've explaine dseveral times why ADC is mandatory. You still don't understand, do you ? ADC , as a standalone class, is good. ADC is mandatory in competitive and higher leo because IF YOUR TEAM PLAYS AROUND THE ADC PROPERLY, they are strong. The problem is adc is VERY weak, VERY vunerable and VERY easy to shutdown if they are left to fend for themselves, which happens A lot with bad teams. ADCS are the only class with siege power? So, can a 5k HP Nautilus who gets a 2000HP shield not just run at you and force you away from a tower? Do CONTROL mages not have sieging? I guess Xerath, Azir, Velkoz and Viktor have no sieging? ADC was OP when Ghostblade was strong,and at the start of season 6.. that's it.... Yup, Rekkles is delusional, your right. I mean, he's won several tournemants, and you've won a few ARAM and Bot games. You clearly know more... Listen to yourself. You, a player who plays botgames and ARAM games is going to tell one of the BEST adc players of all time he's wrong about ADC...
duckarp (EUNE)
: Yes and I'd really like to know who was involved in his unban and how much money they paid for it. Riot's policy is very strict about this.
Riot's policy is actually "if they are reformed, unban them" Phreak himself said that...
: > [{quoted}](name=xilien,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zBE4TE84,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-12-12T13:00:43.401+0000) > > TL;DR - watch the videos I put in the thread about Phy and Rekkles. That answers your question. The problem isn't ADC, its the way ADC is compared to tanks and junglers / mid > > ADCs aren't what Is weak directly. The champions that play ADC are strong, they can output consistent damage if kept alive. > What is weak is the ROLE ADC. What's weak is having to have a minimum of 4 items to become relevant and carry your team, What's weak is being dove botlane 5 times and nothing being done about it. > > > ADC with a good team is fine, because your team is competent enough to help you. ADC in anything below that is very, VERY weak, as ADC is now nearly totally reliant on their team to do well. > > They still exist because in the event your team is competent or the game goes long enough for you to get 4-6 items, you are very strong. However, ADCs shouldn't have to wait for 4 items to have an impact in the game... The Jungler has a bigger impact in the first 5 minutes then ADC does in the first 20. you are delusional if you believe any of that. seriously. ADCs are mandatory for the game to progress. they arent weak by any definition of the word, unless you mean weaker than they were in season 2, 3 or 4, or 5, i dont know, but regardless, ADC are as they have always been the strongest characters in the game by far. if they werent they wouldnt be in every single game. top lane can have mages, tanks, fighters, assassins, so can jungle and mid, but bot is GUARANTEED ADC. thats how obscenely OP ADCs are. that they are guaranteed a spot in the game no matter what. as opposed to having bot mains have to learn more than 1 class, god forbid they might have to not play ADC once in a while it might be too much for them to handle. anyway, enjoy your freelo role that is guaranteed a spot on the team when every other role has to fight teeth and nails and be op as fk to be guaranteed a spot on the team UNTIL NEXT PATCH. i hope ADCs get wrecked to the point where they are in line with all other classes that fight for their spots and are meta based, and have to actually be good to get a spot on the team as opposed to getting a spot because they exist. ADCs are the paris hiltons of league.
Read the first line and the first line only. Answer this, is Rekkles delusional? You know, the guy who has won multiple LCS titles, has been in the top 4 team in the world, has won several tournemants and plays for the most reputable team in EU.. is that guy delusional? I think not. And, yup, ADC is a guaranteed role.. i'll repeat myself, IN THE EVENT the game goes long enough for ADCS to have 4 items, then yup, they are strong, so we keep them just incase. I think your the delusional ones. "Adcs are BROKEN because they have a GUARENTEED role in the game ".... Top, Jungle and Mid have guaranteed roles too.. are they BROKEN? They have a larger champion choice too. If ADCS are SOOOOO BROOOKEN, why doesn't every lane have an ADC in it? Your point is literlaly hilariously bad..
: People see that and think that is okay to say mean degrading things to their team mates because Tyler1 said it on his stream. Do not get me wrong I like tyler1 I find him funny, but you have to admit he is not a good role model, and I am old enough to know that is not fine to behave that way in game, but there are people younger than I am that are impressionable by stuff they see on the internet/tv wherever. That's what I think is keeping Tyler1 locked away.
Those who do it do it cus they want to be banned like tyler. If tyler is unbanned and playing normally, the Indefinite ban becomes kinda a dead meme... People are less likely to copy him if he's reformed. There's a meme in his chat that "old tyler" ( the flaming/inting tyler ) is gone. Nobody tells him they got banned anymore, he doesn't congratulate banned players, etc.. Nobody really copies his flaming/inting anymore, because he doens't do it.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
... So he was unbanned by defition... his accounts are still unbanned but he's "free" like Tyler should be. Tyler is actually a pretty good guy. If you watched his streams, you'd know that. He doesn't do Coach tyler1 anymore because Riot get salty about it, he doesn't int or flame when posting gameplay to youtube either.... How do you know Jensen didn't fake his examination? Did the 'therapists' do an MRI scan and use mind control tech to check if he's lying? Also, sup Shiwah, where's your greentag? I got my 30th perma last week btw:)))
warwiller (EUNE)
: How can you say NA is better or EU it all depends on opinion, just cus you say something doesn't mean its true I am telling father
Not an opinion. That's like saying it's my opinion that I'm better then faker.. opinions CAN be wrong
: NA vs EU BS
Doublelift isn't from China. Also, NA vs EU is a rivalry. I'm pretty sure NA know they are trash and EU is better ( stats show that ), but it's rivalry so it's just banter.
: Free my boy Tyler1. Nah JK. Problem with tyler1 is he might be reformed in game. But the way he acts on his stream and still flames and stuff like that sets a bad example. For that reason I do not think they will ever unban him.
He should be banned for flaming on stream? What? Nobody should be banned for flaming on stream, as long as they don't do it in game..
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Im quiting mid as my main role.
... Does anyone really care? Why did you feel you needed to announce to the entire boards that your not going to play mid anymore?
duckarp (EUNE)
: Fascinating.. On NA boards people discuss how to improve the game. Then I come back here. People asking Riot about unbanning a toxic kid who was intentionally ruining other's games and almost became a synonym for "toxicity incarnate".
Should Jensen be re-banned then? I mean, he was once a toxic kid who DDOsed others and intentionally ruined their games. He's now host to Jensen DDOS memes. Let's reban him.. right?
: I agree, but this should never be used as an excuse for not climbing because the enemy team usually has an ADC as well who probably has to deal with the same problems. I play Caitlyn a lot recently and the hardest part is when i have to get armorpen before my 3rd crit item. I'd really like to have an item which gives both, maybe a combination of seal and last whisper. Also as the armorpen builds are gone i'd love to see last whisper giving percentage armorpen instead of bonus armorpen again. (reduced ofc.)
IMO for the first time ever I'm pretty content blaming loses on the fact I'm playing ADC. As it stands, you have to be probally 2 leagues higher then your current league to climb as an ADC MAIN. I finished close to Diamond last season and I'm struggling to carry games in Gold. The enemy ADC is irrelevant, the problem is any Jungler , Toplaner or Midlaner can hard carry a game and end before either ADC is relevant. You can be a complete noob at ADC or pretty good for your rank - but it's irrelevant if someone feeds a maokai with Courage, that's why I'm having to learn Jungle because ADC is just that weak for carrying. If we had earlier armor pen items that don't stump double zeal builds that would be nice.
: please explain to me, if ADCs are so weak, why is it they are present in every single game no matter what? im not an ADC main, i just want to understand. i main tanks, and when tanks arent obscenely broken they dont get picked. they get replaced with fighters, divers, or even mages. i play jungle mainly. i have to play sometimes tanks, sometimes fighters, sometimes assassins. now, ive only been here since season 2 and ive never seen ADCs have to fight for their lane like every other class does? how is something that is mandatory regardless of meta, or its state at the moment, weak?
TL;DR - watch the videos I put in the thread about Phy and Rekkles. That answers your question. The problem isn't ADC, its the way ADC is compared to tanks and junglers / mid ADCs aren't what Is weak directly. The champions that play ADC are strong, they can output consistent damage if kept alive. What is weak is the ROLE ADC. What's weak is having to have a minimum of 4 items to become relevant and carry your team, What's weak is being dove botlane 5 times and nothing being done about it. ADC with a good team is fine, because your team is competent enough to help you. ADC in anything below that is very, VERY weak, as ADC is now nearly totally reliant on their team to do well. They still exist because in the event your team is competent or the game goes long enough for you to get 4-6 items, you are very strong. However, ADCs shouldn't have to wait for 4 items to have an impact in the game... The Jungler has a bigger impact in the first 5 minutes then ADC does in the first 20.
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: Too Much Of Trolls In Low Elo Leagues
People climb in higher elo because they are good. Also, the guy you describe wasn't a troll.. why does nobody understand what a troll is? He's just an asshole.
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Perilum (EUW)
: I see you don't want to learn and adapt at all. Traits of a whiner.
Adapt to what? There's no method of adapting other then praying your support helps. That's the point of the thread - every method of an ADC solocarrying had been stumped
Perilum (EUW)
: A support can only roam and make plays with a solid ADC who knows what he does. A bad ADC needs way more attention by the support. This makes the support of the team to a support of the ADC.
Have you ever heard of the phrase "ill carry you if you carry me"? That came from bot. Supports carry the laning phase as they are just more useful in lane. No, a support can roam if the ADC is trash. If he's garbage he will die, otherwise most cases he'll lose a few cs, but the point bieng is that you can STILL roam. If he's dying the second you leave he's irrelevant anyway and there's no point trying to stop him dying anyway. Can an ADC roam? No, because they have no CC, and aren't that relevant til a 3 item spike. Support has been considered a pretty high-impact role by high elo players for a while now because of their playmaking potential. Supports have the most broken item in the game, is that having low impact?
Perilum (EUW)
: The Bot Tower has lower defense than all other towers in the game. The Bot lane is still the critical part of the laning phase to get relevant into the midgame. ADCs are still pretty strong. They're never equal strong and it depends on the ADC. If you get jumped by a Rengar as a Sivir, you're just bad. Not a problem of ADCs. Beside that ADCs like Jinx or Twitch at the moment mop the floor with everything. Even tanks. Also the Armor pen was only strong against low armor targets. And it was abusive early game. And in mid game and late it's the same as before. Beside if you want to avoid range, then use one of the several other AD items. You're welcome. You whine here about that ADCs can't abuse Bruiser and Juggernaut items anymore. If you want armor shredding, go and play Garen Bot with BC and his new E. Oh and you've to stay in the backline as ADC. You don't get assassinated, when you position correctly and your team peels for you. It's a team game, not a one men show. How about you learn the ADC role and adapt to the game? It's that simple.
I don't think you read anything in the thread. ADCs don't " shread tanks" at all, it's common knowledge that pretty much everyone agrees on. ADCs need 3 items to even be relevant in damage, and 4 items to be effective against a tank. Ofcourse armorpen was abusive early. Why do you think people continued to build it? Because ADC had such an awful impact we needed early damage to have a shot at carrying. Yes, bot is important snowballing into midgame. But it is anywhere NEAR as important as Jungle? Is it as important as Top? Does ADC have the game impact of a jungler, support or toplaner? Can an ADC TP to other lanes to gank? Can an ADC roam as effectivley as a midlaner or jungler or support? Exactly what impact does an ADC have early game? Bot towers health is irrelevant. It's quite hard to take it quickly as it's a 2v2 lane, you have two people to waveclear. Bot is the lane that is camped the most when doing well. Also, you misinterprated the ENTIRE point of the thead. I'm not complaining that ADCs are flat out bad, i'm complaining that it's ridiculously hard to have an impact as ADC if your team isn't helping you. A roles sucsess should NOT be dependant on a jungler and support at all, and at the minute it's largely dependant on that, *such as the challenger/master players i linked stated*
RuffioCas (EUW)
: They are indeed strong items but the problem arises in low ELO, don't know about your ELO but I am in high-silver ELO which is considered a low ELO, ADCs tend to suicide a lot and not position themselves good enough, it mostly doesn't matter how many items I use on them, how many skillshots I land on people attacking them, they will die nontheless. Believe me, I tried. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
I'm talking more about the majority of supports < plat who play Support, stand at the front and try to make plays while their ADC dies. Or the supports who won't even exhaust.
: ADC:s need some cheep crap items to build if they when loseing. Somehing that is good earlybut compleate crap in lategame to buy if you are loseing A ad version of Wits end 30 as 30 armor 30 ad on hit Builds from {{item:1043}}, {{item:1029}} {{item:1029}} + 600 gold (2200) unique passive: gain 1% lifsteal per autoattack for 5 sec , stack up to 5 times.
Exactly. Either give us a defense item or some kind of build to pressure early so I can be relevant when my malphite is 1/14
RuffioCas (EUW)
: I am a support main and it is now a pain in the arse to protect ADCs. Tanks/Assassins are getting buffed/reworked, the items that help them are getting buffed and meanwhile no love is being given to ad carries and they can barely "carry" games as their name suggests.
It's pretty easy to protect them. Knight's Vow and Redemption are super, super strong and Exhaust has always been kinda broken. The problem arises when your support just doesn't give a shit about peeling andl eaves you to survive on your own.
: Mid lane: assassins, mages, ad poke champions, supports and even adcs Top lane: fighters, tanks, mages, supports, adcs Jungle: fighter, tanks, mages, adcs, assassins Support role: tanks, mages, supports, even adcs at times ADC role: adcs now you see why the other roles do NOT want to see adcs getting buffed >.> You can go: Top: Vayne-Quinn-Graves Jungle: Graves-Twich-Kindred Mid: Corki-Lucian-Varus ADC: Ashe-Sivir Sup: Miss Fortune-Ashe-Sivir-Cait and have a very valid team >.> Go try that with mages only, assassins only, tanks only, supports only welcome to the league of adcs This year we had competitive games with: quinn top graves jungle adc in adc role and often corki jungle gimme a break
Graves and Quinn aren't considered ADCs. Also, I think you highly misunderstand the point of this post... I'm not complaining about playing botlane, i'm complaining about playing an ADC (Jinx, sivir, cait, lucian etc) and being completely reliant on my team to have an impact.
: On one hand I agree with you, because when I play AD I get completely stomped, because of the nonstop clownfiestas at bot lane and the almost non existant peel from my team, but on the other hand I get so mad when a Vayne 3 shots me when I'm a tank or when a lvl 3 graves is able to 1v1 a lvl 4 renekton. And me being the renekton I hit my full combo, graves hits only first part of q and the rest is autoattacks. How can a "squishy ADC" be able to 1v1 one of the strongest duelists in the game? Anyway this turned out as a rant, but I generally agree that some champs need to be touched.
Vayne is a strong ADC because she remains unaffected by all the nerfs. She's great against tanks, fantastic at peeling for herself, great vs assassins, that's why she's complete bullshit at the minute. Ontop of that, her counters, Lucian and Caitlyn got nerfed, and changes to stuff like Plants, the jungle and support items made it much easier to survive a lane, so she has no counters anymore. Buff lucian and vayne will quickly die out.
: I main sup. although i play adc occasionally, so no i am not an adc main still. Support have a huge impact on how the lane goes, however this has been the case for as long as i play. The support and ADC depend on each other. When i get an idiot as adc that doesnt take free kills when i hand them to him on a platter or gets grabbed by every grab from blitz there just isn't much you can do as it is the other way around if the support is garbage. SO no you can not solo carry but this was never the case for sup or adc. Mostly you can only make the difference in lane when your lane partner is at least somewhat comperable to the other player. Yes some adc items got nerfed, however if you compare this with about a year ago I would say the items are in general are still better. Futhermore at the moment about every adc can burns through tanks going late as long as he gets a few seconds peel, there have been periods tanks were absolutly unkillable by anything other then a vayne or kog going late. Also thornmail is much weaker then it used to be which was the hardest counter item for adcs, you could basically reflect more damage with thornmail then take if the adc didnt build double lifesteal. Botrk just got buffed. I know not all adcs get it but its definatly an item that gives some survivebillety with the active and it still hurts tanks. Going lategame you need some peel from a support yes. However i don't see that as imbalanced. If he didn't need that so he could survive on his own that would mean he can survive any1, outdamage every1 in teamfights, have range, fastest objective push of every1 in the game, I would consider that much worse then the current state. I do agree it's horrible when you get no peel with assassins, but there is no way to solve this without making the class redicilous op. In my opinion the problem is not that the class is too weak. The problem is that you get a lot of (autofilled) supports that do absolutly nothing to protect the carry also {{item:3109}} this item can do a lot, for which you indeed the depend on the sup again. So yeah you depend more on the sup to be able to shine, I however disagree that it's unhealthy.
Yes, your sort of right. ADC Isn't weak at all I agree, i'm complaining because ADC is far, FAR too weak with trash teams, especially if the support doens't do his job, it becomes unplayable.
: Darius is easy as fuck to kite... Fizz... well you need vision control and your tanks and Fighters to engage him(Fiz will blow his cooldown on them) then you come and kill him with your dps Vi, pretty much the same... oh wait she is kinda op right now, but if you manage to isolate her 1v2 it's easy.
If your the only threat in your team as I was, they'll all just run at you. You can't solo-survive 3 people running at you. With old QSS I could maybe outplay, not with the current items and lack of damage however.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Not that i disagree, but i think these points are worth calling out: > - ADCs only way of creating pressure, early aggression was stumped heavily with nerfs to ghostblade/cleaver builds, forcing nearly every ADC to wait for 3 items before they are relevant it wasnt supposed to be theyr core build > It's much harder to be relevant damage wise as armor pen builds were heavily nerfed, so a tank getting fed is a problem. armor pen items were never good against tanks, they were good against low armor targets, the actuall armor pen items are stil the same and still there. And again flat armor pen wasnt intended as ADC stat > Clip of QTPie commenting on how ridiculous collosus is and how shitty fervor is. > Compare tank mysteries to ADC, ADC gets a small amount of damage after stacking for a while, tanks get thousands of health worth of shields for just landing CC. This one isnt really true anymore, this patch collosus was nerfed and fervor was buffed. > ADCs impact now is raw damage output as usual, however the difference this season is it is MUCH less reliant on the ADC and much, much more reliant on the support and teams. heh heh heh and people say support is the worst carry role because it relies the most on team.
The armorpen builds were designed for lanepressure but they were still MUCH better vs armor then normal builds No, it wans't suppoused to be their " core build " but didn't Riot always say they didn't want to enforce a meta? The clip of QTPie was THIS patch. Collosus is still completely ridiculous. Support can roam early and make plays, as well as stopping noobs suiciding and doing stupid shit via warding + the new broken items
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