: I swear bro, mute the guy who writes anything in the chat against you the second after he does, it feels much better than flaming him...next time. Also, you'd probably win.
well at least in gold division it´s like when someone starts to flame the rest of the team join it and flame too. It sometimes doesn´t help. Like i said that game was going really good for me i had like 5/0 and everyone from the team had negative KDA, maybe they were just jealous i guess. But i got tilted really hard. If i was the one with negative KDA i would say something like: I agree i did bad in this game, but i really didn´t so ....
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: It doesn't matter what others say you, you get banned for what YOU said and did. It's not Riot's fault for you being dumb enough to fall into the flaming circle of idiots.
Would be great if riot was trying to search the reason why are players flaming themselves. They could ban the ones who were tilting them and just help the ones who are getting tilted. Now it´s like players are getting banned for defending themselves. Those who always start it are cool in next games and after few games they again choose someone to tilt.
: I can't see the chatlogs of this game... but he probably just said: "try to farm more now" And you got tilted of it, people need to learn not to get offended by everything ._. Calling him bronze kid is childish as fck
Well it´s not like he said it kindly and in piece. ,,Look at your farm jss´´ isn´t that kindly, at least not for me. I don´t know why was he tilted maybe just cause he had 1/6. I wouldn´t even react on him if he said ,, You should keep farming´´. I wouldn´t coment it but this really tilted me especially when i was carrying him and instead of beeing thankfull he was just tilting me. Like i said unless i have no reason to flame i am not even using the chat. I think it´s normal human reaction to defense yourself instead of ,,reporting someone´´. it doesn´t even help as far as i can see to report someone.
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