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: To be honest twitch is not the only jungler who suffered. All the fast clearspeed junglers caught up in the nerf as well, you know likes of shyvana and yi. assasins and otherwise earlygame pressure junglers also got hit bad with it. it takes them longer to reach level 3 as well. Besides adc are fragile in general. They can be good in jungle(twitch, kindred, quinn, ashe) but you really need to know how to kite a camp and how to use your abilities properly. You also need to know your role, which is PRESSURING the enemy in any way possible, not just by "ok i farm to 6 then kill em all because i'm 2 levels above everybody else" Jungle changes do need to take a look at, but more towards players who can actually balance ganking and farming and less against players who can do that. right now, you either gank gank gank or you lose.
Son it was an exapmle and you have 0 idea of twitch i guess. I didnt say OH NO ITS SO HARD TO JUNGLE NOW. I said he got nerfed in the way that he cant 1v9 that easily cuz of exp loss. The changes in jungle didnt affect the early game junglers in anyway. The Nerf hits after 6 min when camps reach lvl 3. Ist funny how so many People trash talk in this post About smthng they dont know lol. PS; Junglers can gank how they want or afk farm and come to lane and are 1 lvl behind laners so just Sayin thats bs. The "2 lvl Advantage" comes from Taxing or killing
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: Can't reach 100% win rate with Lulu-Twitch boost strat? Must be bad then, pls buff. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/499895693490520064/548842040415354893/unknown.png
This Post was ment for every Jungler, this is my smurf and im testing sttuff on here. Im sad that People like you are in this Forum just to post garbage. Youre a rude Person and i hope youre not such a %%%% IRL.
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: > [{quoted}](name=yHkUtBarnett,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pugcJ31n,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-22T01:42:30.682+0000) > > Hello from a jungler, > > and welcome to this discussion! :) I want to know why riot buffs the minion Speed on lvl 1 in patch 9.4 for sidelanes? I know Pros abused it with freezing 1 Minion at a tower at start. The problem is that RIOT already done a huge misstake nerfing jungle for every jungler, not only for the OP ones like Camillie, etc. . Now they decide "hey, we need to stop that. Let us Buff the Minions and let the Side-Laners even help less the jungler". Im a Twitch-Main and when im on a Smurf (Silver/Gold) it alreasy sux cuz no one of these player know how to leash proper, now on-top they leash even less. I mean in higher elo (starting for me at Platin) People already know how to leash and now leash less cuz of the new "boost" of minions. > > I dunno if riot hates the jungle. Not nerfing KHA, but letting every other jungler down is kinda sad. I hope i wont see so much of a diffrence in-game to the leash thingy, but its kinda time to STOP NERFING JUNGLE RIOT :) I CANT CARRY DEM NOOBIES LIKE THIS :D. No but srsly pls stop the nerfs, TY. Ghosting just means that they pass through units, their move speed did not change.
Okay well EDIT is up and im sorry that i messed smthing up with the ghost thingy. Still please take a look at the edit
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: Ghosted, not increased movement speed. It means that minions won't be able to have impact, and just run through champions, kinda like Ghost makes you able to move through units.
Okay well EDIT is up and im sorry that i messed smthing up with the ghost thingy. Still please take a look at the edit
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: A lot of text and upvotes. All from a false assumption. If you actually bothered to find things out, you'd see the leashing times haven't changed. Minions being ghosted for longer doesn't mean they have increased movement speed.
Okay well EDIT is up and im sorry that i messed smthing up with the ghost thingy. Still please take a look at the edit
: I would be completely fine with being able to leave the game once the afker has been afk/ has been away for enough time (like 5 mins). You would still lose the LP for the game ofc but at least you are not forced to waste time. Also, add actual bans for leaver. Not this low priority bs. Or actually, keep it but make it so that they get banned and after the ban ends, they have low prio for 5 games. If they leave enough, permaban. Currently there is no threat of a permaban or any kind of ban if they leave games enough.
That is bs ! Where does riot have the right to ban a guy whos Internet crashed in 7 days 4 times cuz of eg the provider is having Problems. The guy doesnt know why he has the problems. Giving us smthing after a 4v5 loss okay, banning the guy who is afk not intentional is bs
: Who counters anivia?
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