: show the whole chat
its not even that bad.
yeIIowbag (EUW)
: Feelsbadman man.
im beside tyler1 rn in the unknown area
yeIIowbag (EUW)
: Feelsbadman man.
feel like lil peep
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: Free Coaching from experienced Coach
yeIIowbag (EUW)
: Could a korean person help me
thank you, sorted it out
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: Or maybe next time read the event page with FAQ where everything's explained. It's your own fault for being too lazy to read before you buy something.
i totally agree, people should read up on things before buying things.
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: Riot should disable Caitlyn till this Bug gets fixed, seriously, this could cause some gamebreak...
the chances of that aren't *really* that high, but i guess it is a bug so it should get fixed{{champion:51}}
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: When your (random) teammate in YoloQ wants to play Trashsuo
this post couldnt have been more accurate
: So when are the other Friends skins coming out?
: Need a Rioter with this situation
you should post who the 4 people are on your thread
Rena (EUW)
: This Guy Ints on Heimer to be Top rated on Lolskill with Riven and still isn't banned after 41 Games
: Ghost to lane should be banned.
i 100% agree. the videos he makes are just dumb, the whole beef he had with lozo was dumb as well.
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Galaxatin (EUW)
: Excess Gold in the Lategame
man effort of reading that.. lets just say. donate to the poor. feelsbadman
GaMeR015 (EUNE)
: veigar
veigar. 40 minute mark. *playing veigar* lets kill fizz~ .......where did he go??
: is yasuo broken?
if played right. there are a lot of naruto wannabes and think they are some yasuo god, just because they watched the whole show. not even kidding. some narutard will up on their stupid looking headband and say *believe it* and then get reported for going 0/72
: Skin idea for Braum + Spells illustrations
that is a good skin idea. not even going to lie.
: And SKT lost to Flash Wolves. Flash Wolves best team in the world by that logic.
Perilum (EUW)
: The real question is, why S2 has a tear shape? I feel mocked.
you should feel mocked though. if you were better you wouldn't be silver. btw..i am not saying i am better than you. im just saying what came to my mind when i saw your comment.
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: Can you elaborate on what you think is overcomplicated? I don't quite understand tbh.
just the appearance might intimidate. i just feels more complex, (in my opinion)
: Grade in Match History
i agree on this idea.
dfsghj (EUW)
: Last chat on top
yeah i actually agree.
PB Fiery (EUNE)
: I dont get alpha client email
don't worry, the alpha client is not that good. i have it but i use the classic. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Scantý (EUNE)
: Zyra needs a skin!
she is probably going to get a skin, mainly because skt1 have a good chance to win this year.
: Key fragments bug
hmmm. seens fishy...
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DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Guys I did it..
well gbay is.
: Trying to ban in normal draft resulting in game crash
i am on a hotspot and it doesnt do that. weird. maybe its your computer, maybe its old. idk tbh
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: why did fiddlesticks get a promotion in his job?


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