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: Hey all, I'm putting this comment out here not because I have any meaningful updates, but to let you know this isn't being ignored. There's been complaints of no response, which is mainly because we don't have a huge amount to update with - but consider this post an acknowledgement of the issue. We have teams internally that we're highlighting and discussing this issue with, but it's proving highly complex. We will update when we have a more useful response, but all we can say for now is that we're investigating this internally with the teams who work on this area.
You guys have fps drop problem since 7.22 We are reporting here, we are reporting in NA, we are reporting in KR, and still no ETA in solving it Instead you are deleting any post which cites those problems and that patch from the forum as soon as they past the 48hours hoping no one notice it Or you are openly lying or, sorry to say that, you have no idea how you as a company are managing this problem
: Have Riot even commented/reacted on any of the posts about FPS problems?
They are actively deleting any post which speaks about fps drop both here and on the NA forum. Usually they don't last more than 48hours This way the user base get convinced is just a minor problem of a minor part of them, and indeed you read here often "but but no one is signaling it, are you sure it's not your computer?" A lot of people are reporting it, it's just that riot is silencing them asap
: ANY REACTION RIOT??? Massive FPS drop since 3 days ago
I am part of the users still getting fps drops since the 7.22 patch Good luck waiting for a solution, I am waiting for mine since 10 months atm
Bandíto (EUW)
: Constant FPS Drops since minipatch
I am still having those from 7.22 If their time to "solve" them is like usual, well, you will have to wait at least more than 10 months I am still waiting.
: Rito can't you see we all have FPS issues !
I am still one of those affected from patch 7.22 (from 120fps stable to 40fps with falls to 5fps every 30 seconds) and riot is deleting our post from the board constantly, still not resolved All other games work as usual, except from lol. Already formatted 2 times, it is not the os, the drivers or the hw, is riot fault and started from 7.22
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: Diana Cosplay
Well, time to change religion for me {{champion:131}}
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: Not on my PC, and also not in the LCS...... ;-) Programming graphics on Windows is not easy. All these dynamic factors like videocard brand and type, drivers, Direct X versions etc... to take into account. Must be a combination of factors.
Man actually on lcs very often, especially at the last events, they changed the whole pc of some player because he signaled an fps drop... I mean, the problem is there and even forced them to pause competitive games for minutes time over time.
: Ping high in game even though internet connection fine
> [{quoted}](name=Sir Michael of 8,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=OBREbMVE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-31T09:08:01.211+0000) > > Doing an internet speedtest on my computer I am getting 15/16ms ping. However, during all of yesterday and into today, my ping in-game is 60ms+, often peaking over 100ms. It's made playing pointless. > > How do I fix this issue/get Riot to fix the issue? Consider that if you use something like "speedtest" it often takes a single ping in a short interval To have a correct ping evaluation you have to try a large window of pings To have an example just open your windows cmd and run "ping -n 60 www.google.com" It will ping google for 60 times in a row and it will give you min, avg and max ping so you will have a more correct evaluation Also consider that speedtest selects on purpose its closer server to you for the test (often if you live in a big city is literally a few km from your position), while the server of Riot are placed in a specific geographical position (if I remember well EUW server are at Amstardam) so it contributes to higher pings
: Anyone else having horrible placement matches?
If you take your rank seriously you never ever ever do the placement the first 2-3 weeks of the season Just wait sometime and let all the inter/flamers/smurf end theirs, then go in
Potchikir (EUW)
: Its a bug with nvidia
Nope, I have not a nvidia gpu and still got this fps drop bug
Dªy (EUW)
: This FPS bug many players have been suffering with is making me want to quit the game.
Same for me, I had 80fps fixed until December started, after that it was a downspiral first with random fps drops at 40, now with, when I have luck, 50fps of average and fps drop too 15 frequently. Pretty sad considering how few things are on the screen
: Update on my unfair 14 day ban
Well it is simple at this point, riot wants its support team to never ever have a say about an automatic ban, probably denying any chance to subvert the decision and even removing their tools to interfere with the system. I bet they want to cut off the support team to reduce expenses and hope the automatic system will manage everything alone Guess what, it's not working, but they don't give a F
: Climbing from honor level 0
I was 2weeks banned at the end of october and just yesterday I went back to Honor1 from Honor0. Just try to be toxic/tilt as little as possible and play a lot of games
: Someone responded in another thread. To change DNS go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Properties on your connection (Ethernet or Wireless) > TCP/IPv4 > Check "Use following DNS" > Set prefered to and alternate to This will fix it.
No it won't. I use those dns by default and I am still affected by the problem


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