Breakhz (EUNE)
: hell no.{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Breakhz (EUNE)
: yi can be stopped with cc too so what?Kata is still one of those annoyng champs to deal with. But she is buffs or nerfs require.
kata needs a buff seriously after that nerf "9 months ago".... espicially neeko is coming with her massive dmg lvl 1 1 Q deals 120 dmg lvl 1 to kata .. thats annoying { tilting:( } katarina passive and maybe her Q needs to get a small buff to bring back dmg stability + kata is bugging alot since she hasn't got patched years ago ... her abilities doesnt reset right after takedown (1st bug) and some abilities shows a wierd behaviour like her Q bug when u hit the last minion (the dagger dissapear) and her E shunpo ( when u E a champ and it deals no dmg ) and sometimes when u E a champ near a big wall ( like botlane giant wall ) u get stuck right into it. Riot pls fix kata bugs and buff her a little bit just for balance. ty {{sticker:katarina-love}}


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