: 50 wins and 17 losses past 7 days in high elo. *Talon so weak and is in need for unnecessary buffs* Tbh, when I watched Shiphtur playing talon, he was deleting people in challenger, like how biased can you be.
Im playing Talon for 5 years so it is low win rate for me i did 85% win rate in 230 games on my smurf acc diamond1 last year.Talon is not OP or Weak he is okey but he needs some buffs after these support items,marksman items all marksmans are buying 2 attack speed item and it gives 10% movement speed just imagine how you close to your target in late game Q 550 range,Movement Speed with mobility boot 450+ but when u r not out of combat it drops to 370 XD all marksmans have 600+ Range with their OP items thats why we need Q dash range increase buff and base movementspeed i don't want any damage buff(They will buff Talon's damage after duskblade nerf).
Agidyne (EUW)
: Returning W should be harder to dodge, that's all.
No it is fair skill he needs better thinks.
: I think every champ mains are waiting for buffs for their champ, but in many occasions they are unnecessary. Imo, talon isn't in a need for buff.
Did you know Jayce's Q hammer form has more range than Talon's Q :).And u have 0 Talon game how u decide to answer like this? In high elo Talon so weak now.
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Creaturve (EUNE)
: What do you think of the current state of the game ?
I left the League of Legends because of Stopwatch if they remove this item i can back good luck with stopwatches,thousands damages ADCs and their thousands shields supports :).I think this game started to die s2-s5 were awesome.
: Patch 8.3
Yes im taking enemy flash and waiting for my 6 for kill him but STOPWATCH stop to punish.Stopwatch should remove from the game
Major159951 (EUNE)
: Best tier list
It is not important if your bot lane win u will win the game season 8 is League of Botlane meta.
: The Game Is Just Not Fun Anymore...
This game was perfect in season 3.
N1ngendo (EUW)
: Talon's Championdesign
In Season 8,Talon really need his old kite im playing Talon for 5 years.I played 500+ games with new talon and +1000 games with old talon.They did rework oneshot champions in a sec like rengar,talon for more counter play but in this season 8 ADCs are immortals and supports has tons of shields,stuns.Lethality not healthy.Talon need old kite.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Talon is fine. His rework is actually pretty dope.
Talon is fine? No man.Stopwatch is fine,Tons of shields is fine,ADCs is fine.Assasins have to back season 3 assasins otherways no point to play Assasin anymore.
: This game isn't fun anymore and I'm done.
League of Legends was fun in s2,s3,s4,s5 this game died in s6-s8.
: Can you guys please ask us if we want a champion to be reworked?
Smerk (EUW)
: What high elo are you talking about? As a plat player I say it is balanced
Im currently playing on TR server and i finished rank 3 with 1019 LP nick:Viscâ.It is my EUW account i did 30 level this acc didnt played too much. I was Master Tier 230 LP in EUW.
Smerk (EUW)
: One time use, pretty balanced for that one fact
: remove stopwatch from runes please
Stopwatch is new defensive DFG guys it is unhealty for gameplay should remove from game.
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zgr346 (EUW)
: Hey Riot, I have an idea what about delete all AD Asassins champions on League of Legends it will be better change if u change these items like that.
55 AD 55 AD 55 AD 55 AD 55 AD All items 55 AD and Duskblade now 150AD not TRUE DAMAGE! So you should or u have to rework your ARMOR system like what u do armor pen.If enemy buy ninja tabi we can't damage him with these garbage items..And we already have useless late game and u should imagine with these new items we will like Cannon minion in Late game REALLY NICE JOB!
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Why are lethality items nerfed again?
Hey Riot, I have an idea what about delete all AD Asassins champions on League of Legends it will be better change if u change these items like that.
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